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Masters Courses in Digital Humanities at Maynooth University

Take your Humanities Degree further: Go Digital…
Masters Courses in Digital Humanities at Maynooth University
An Foras Feasa at Maynooth University, Ireland, is delighted to announce two Masters degree programmes in digital humanities for the 2017-18 academic year. More information is at
The MA in Digital Humanities is in its 8th year, making it the oldest Masters in Digital Humanities in Ireland and one of the oldest in the world. This one year practice-based MA is a transformative degree covering areas such as, digital scholarly editing, data modelling, designing and delivering photographic archives, computational imaging, 3D visualisation, computer graphic simulations, and digital heritage. Most classes have both practical and theoretical components and students learn a variety of technical skills including text encoding (XML/TEI/XSLT), linked data, Java, photogrammetry, reflectance transformation imaging, 3D scanning, hype…


Web-comics: Some Links by Liladhar R. Pendse (UC Berkeley)

This exhibit also takes in consideration comics that are born digital. The webcomics represent a unique opportunity for their creators to provide outreach to multiple audiences. Below are some suggested webcomics that can make this exhibition more interesting to our visitors.The list below was adapted for use from, and other sites. Some of these comics might be sensitive to their viewers. I would advise viewer’s discretion. This is not a comprehensive list but it provides a meaningful insight into the mysterious world of the webcomics.

Nedroid Fun Times” by Anthony Clark.“Hark! A Vagrant” by Kate Beaton.“Hooray for Teamwork” by Owl Turd.“The Paradox of Choice” by Cat and Girl.“Spelling” by the Perry Bible Fellowship.“Lyme Disease” by Joy Ang.“Super Foods” by übertool.“Surreal Strokes” by ChaosLife.“The Future of Elections” by Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal.“Grrl Power”-A webcomic about superheroines.“A…

Cfp: Centennial, Commemoration, Catastrophe: 1917-2017 as Past and Present in Russia and Beyond Young Researchers Conference.

Centennial, Commemoration, Catastrophe: 1917-2017 as Past and Present in Russia and Beyond Young Researchers Conference, Havighurst Center for Russian and Post-Soviet Studies, Miami University 13-16 June 2017. Villa Vergiliana, Cuma, Italy
Discussing the Russian revolution is impossible without addressing the causes, legacy, and echoes of this event. The very phrasing is contentious—was 1917 a revolution, overthrow, or accident? Examining the Russian and Soviet response is complex enough, yet the Bolshevik takeover had ramifications for the world. In literature the image of the revolution and the ensuing changes was polarized from the beginning, both in the new Soviet state and abroad. Those in history and the social sciences have long puzzled over interpreting the USSR, its influence on Eastern Europe (and the developing world), and the aftermath of its collapse. In otherwise disparate regions—from eastern Germany to Central Asia and the Russian Far East—1917 and the USSR de…

Cfp: East-West Cultural Relations: Interplay of Arts and Cultural Diplomacy, 1945-2017.

East-West Cultural Relations: Interplay of Arts and Cultural Diplomacy, 1945-2017
February 24-25, 2017, University of Jyväskylä, Finland

Keynote lectures by
Boris Gasparov (Columbia University) and Giles Scott-Smith (Leiden University)

Scholars and practitioners interested in cultural diplomacy are invited to submit proposals for papers and for panels that address East-West cultural relations—either from historical or contemporary points of view. In this conference, ‘East’ and ‘West’ are broadly understood as the Eastern and Western parts of Europe, Russia and the Soviet Union.

East-West Cultural Relations seeks to strengthen the research of cultural exchanges across national borders. It explores and raises awareness of the state of cultural relations and diplomacy between Eastern and Western Europe. The conference aims to reflect on the East-West cultural connections from the Second World War to today. Its main focus is on artistic movements and exchanges between (and possib…

Call for Papers: The 2017 Annual Soyuz Symposium.

Call for Papers
The 2017 Annual Soyuz Symposium
Embracing Confusion and Questioning Clarity: on Matters of Method in Postsocialist Studies

Russian and East European Institute
Indiana University Bloomington
March 3-4, 2017

Soyuz Research Network for Postsocialist Cultural Studies invites presentation proposals for the 2017 symposium hosted by the Russian and East European Institute at Indiana University Bloomington. We are seeking research papers and visual presentations (including, but not limited to documentary and ethnographic films) that engage with the issues of methodology in the postsocialist world broadly defined, encompassing East-Central Europe and the Former Soviet Union, as well as Asia, Africa, Latin America, and the Caribbean. Our goal is to foster conversations about knowledge production in the field of postsocialist studies that spans generations of researchers: from graduate students and junior scholars to senior professionals. The 2017 Soyuz Symposium them…

Call for Papers: Trajectories of Antifascism

Call for Papers: Trajectories of Antifascism Workshop at Rutgers University - New Brunwick, 3-4 March 2017 Deadline for submission of abstracts: September 30, 2016
Worries abound about a return of fascism.  Recently, the New York Times surveyed the growth of nationalist and authoritarian movements in Austria, Russia, Turkey and beyond, to proclaim a “growing debate over global fascism.” In February, a Polish magazine published a front cover showing a white woman assailed by dark-skinned male hands under the headline “The Islamic rape of Europe”. International observers compared the image to Nazi propaganda. “This is how fascism comes to the United States,” declared a recent Washington Post op-ed article about the rise of Donald Trump. These analyses all invoke the history of 1930s Europe in order to uncover suggestive traces of interwar fascism in present day developments. Curiously, debates about fascism make little or no mention of the antifascist global movement that once exi…

Издательские гранты: ГАРАЖ.txt: программа поддержки исследователей, пишущих о современном искусстве и культуре на русском языке!

ГАРАЖ.txt: программа поддержки исследователей, пишущих о современном искусстве и культуре на русском языке Данная программа является продолжением издательской деятельности Музея, осуществляемой с момента его основания в 2008 году. За это время было издано более 130 книг и каталогов общим тиражом около 430 тысяч экземпляров, знакомящих широкую аудиторию с творчеством художников и мировых деятелей культуры, а также с историей русского современного искусства. Осознавая необходимость институциональной поддержки просветительской и научной деятельности в области современного искусства в России, Музей «Гараж» ставит главной целью новой программы «ГАРАЖ.txt» поиск и последующее издание исследований по теории и истории современного искусства на русском языке. Важнейшими направлениями программы являются поддержка исследований по истории и теории искусства ХХ–ХХI веков, вопросам эстетики, теории новых медиа, социологии культуры, критической теории современности и истории российског…

Job: W3-Professorship (permanent position) for East European History (The University of Konstanz)

The University of Konstanz, with its "Institutional Strategy to promote Top-Level Research", has been receiving continuous funding since 2007 within the framework of the Excellence Initiative by the German Federal and State Governments.

The Department of History and Sociology at the University of Konstanz invites applications for a W3-Professorship (permanent position) for East European History

to be filled by 1 April 2017 or as soon as possible thereafter.

The ideal candidate must represent the East European History in the fields of research and teaching in the MA-program East Europe: History-Media, in the BA/MA-program and BEdu-program History, and in interdisciplinary degree programs.

Requested is especially also a global history perspective.

Prerequisites for a successful application are an habilitation or equivalent scientific achievements in the subject History with a focus in East European History and also experiences with the application for third-party funds. The candidat…

Job Posting: Professor/Associate Professor in Russian and East European Studies at the University of Pennsylvania

Job Posting: Professor/Associate Professor in Russian and East European Studies at the University of Pennsylvania The University of Pennsylvania is seeking a transformational hire at the senior level (tenured) in Russian and East European Studies to complement existing research and teaching strengths. This search is open to any area of expertise in the humanities and social sciences, including anthropology, art history, economics, ethnomusicology, literary and cultural studies, history, musicology, politics, religion, sociology, theater studies, visual studies and other fields. Likewise, it is open to scholars of all regions and sub-regions of Russia, Central and Eastern Europe. The appointment will be in the Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures, which is in the process of transforming itself into a multi-disciplinary Department of Russian and East European Studies. Demonstrated strength in research and publication and excellence in teaching required. Please submit applications…