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Call for Participation: Archives Unleashed Hackathon 2.0

Archives Unleashed 2.0: Web Archive Hackathon.

Library of Congress, Washington DC
14 – 15 June 2016
Travel grants available for US-based graduate students; other travel funding may be available
Applications due 15 March 2016

**This event is a follow-up to the Archives Unleashed datathon held in March at the University of Toronto Library. With generous funding from the National Science Foundation and the Social Science and Humanities Research Council (Canada), we’ve been able to extend the datathon program, and are excited to bring this program to the Library of Congress.**

The World Wide Web has a profound impact on how we research and understand the past. The sheer amount of cultural information that is generated and, crucially, preserved every day in electronic form, presents exciting new opportunities for researchers. Much of this information is captured within web archives.

Web archives often contain hundreds of billions of web pages, ranging from individual homepages and soc…

Четвертая международная конференция молодых исследователей Сибири

Центр независимых социальных исследований - Иркутск
при поддержке Фонда Михаила Прохорова Четвертая международная конференция молодых исследователей Сибири «Сибирь в движении: поколения и субъекты действия» 5-7 мая 2016 г. Центр независимых социальных исследований-Иркутск (ЦНСИО) организует Четвертую международную конференцию молодых исследователей Сибири. Тема конференции «Сибирь в движении: поколения и субъекты действия». Конференция пройдет в г.Иркутск с 5 по 7 мая 2016 г.
Научно-исследовательская конференция открывает трехгодичный проект «Сибирь в движении», поддержанный фондом Михаила Прохорова и предполагающий как проведение исследований современной Сибири, так и презентацию результатов в публичной сфере. К участию в конференции приглашаются историки, социальные географы, социологи, антропологи  и представители иных гуманитарных направлений, ведущие полевые исследования и работающие  с архивными материалами, интервью, мемуарами, иными устными и письменными свидетельствам…

George F. Kennan Fellowship Deadline Approaching!

George F. Kennan Fellowship
The Kennan Institute seeks fellowship applicants from diverse, policy-oriented sectors such as media, business, local government, law, civil society, and academia to examine important political, social, economic, cultural, and historical issues in Russia, Ukraine, and the region. Among the aims of the new fellowships are to build bridges between traditional academia and the policy world, as well as to maintain and increase collaboration among researchers from Russia, Ukraine, and the U.S. The fellowships are funded by a grant from Carnegie Corporation of New York.
U.S., Russian, and Ukrainian citizens are eligible to apply. The next competition deadline is: March 1. 
Please see detailed information about the fellowship on our website:

American Councils Study Abroad (ACTR) -Summer Program for Students.

American Councils Study Abroad (ACTR) would like to remind students and colleagues that the application deadlines for the following summer area studies programs are approaching:
Contemporary Russia A 4-week summer program in Moscow, Contemporary Russia explores regional geopolitical developments and diplomacy, economic and political reforms under Vladimir Putin, the role of the mass media in society, and new cultural phenomena shaping today’s Russia.
Dates: June 10 – July 10, 2016 Deadline: February 16, 2016
Energy in Central Asia Specially geared towards students interested in business, economics, and development, this month-long program in Kazakhstan examines Central Asia’s energy industry, the politics of oil and gas, and the potential environmental impact of the industry’s rapid growth. It concludes with a weeklong series of meetings and practica with industry executives, analysts, activists, and policy-makers in the energy field.
Dates: July 15 – August 14, 2016 Deadline:

Job at Princeton University: Assistant Director of the Center for Digital Humanities.

Job description: Assistant Director of the Center for Digital Humanities

The Center for Digital Humanities (CDH) at Princeton seeks an Assistant Director to play a leadership role in managing CDH-sponsored projects, fostering a dynamic community for postdoctoral fellows, graduate students and undergraduates, coordinating new initiatives, and participating in the administration of the CDH. The successful candidate will draw upon previous training and experience in digital humanities, project management, grant-writing, and program coordination to help the CDH develop these key areas of activity and outreach.

Reporting to the Associate Director, the Assistant Director, appointed at the rank of Associate Professional Specialist or more senior, will participate in the full slate of CDH-sponsored projects, offering project management support in project incubation, planning, implementation, and conclusion stages. He or she will help coordinate CDH staff work on projects, facil…



Duties and Responsibilities:

Creatively engages in support of faculty and students involved in digital scholarship.  Participates in the development of digital projects and collections by providing a full range of reference, instruction, and collection development/management, preservation, and metadata services for all areas of digital scholarship.. Supports and serves as a resource to colleagues in developing digital projects. Contributes to and supports the digital and online presence of the Library through the investigation, implementation and enhancement of tools that assist with research, instruction and scholarship.  Participates in Web-development team. Actively participates in and contributes to the Tri-College Group. Reports to Coordinator for Digital Scholarship and Services.

Specific Duties and Responsibilities:

Provides strong reference services and support of faculty and students in the area of digital scholarship.Partners with facult…

Conference: Исключительность исключенных: маргинальность в ситуации исторических вызовов на имперском, советском и постсоветском пространстве.

Центр сравнительных исторических и политических исследований (ЦСИПИ, Пермь) приглашает к участию в конференции
Исключительность исключенных: маргинальность в ситуации исторических вызовов на имперском, советском и постсоветском пространстве
Пермь, 20-21 июня 2016 г.
За последние два столетия, начиная с пореформенной модернизации середины XIX века и вплоть до политико-экономических и социокультурных трансформаций конца XX – начала XXI столетий, население Российской империи, а позже советских/постсоветских территорий пережило несколько кардинальных изменений вектора развития общества. Эти повороты сопровождались изменением властных отношений, создавая привилегированное положение для одних групп и маргинализируя другие. Понимая, вслед за М. Фуко, маргинализацию как процесс социальной эксклюзии, а маргинальность – как явление, неотъемлемо связанное с властными практиками нормализации и дисциплинирования населения, мы хотим уделить особое внимание работе этих механизмов в переломны…

Job Posting: DIGITAL HUMANITIES LIBRARIAN-San Diego State University.

San Diego State University: Library and Information Access
This is an exciting opportunity for a forward-thinking individual to collaborate with SDSU’s Digital Humanities Initiative to envision and develop digital scholarship services at SDSU. This position will help build on one of SDSU’s Areas of Excellence, “Digital Humanities and Global Diversity,” which generates humanistic critical research with a specific focus on diversity. This position is appointed at the Senior Assistant Librarian or Associate Librarian rank, depending on qualifications.

The successful candidate will:

Serve as a strategist and resource person for the library on digital scholarship and collaborate with cross-disciplinary faculty in the “Digital Humanities and Global Diversity” Area of Excellence;Plan and implement new services to support digital humanities across the university based on current standards, best practices, and user needs; Pr…