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Cfp: Law-Making and Law-Breaking in the Context of Securitization and Neo-conservatism.

International Conference Development of Russian Law-VII: Law-Making and Law-Breaking in the Context of Securitization and Neo-conservatism 20-21 October 2014 Faculty of Law University of Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland
Call for papers In the light of recent events and current political situation, Russian law is facing a number of challenges. In Russian political discourse the law is being called upon to function as a major tool of securing new Russian political regime and neo-conservative ideology. While scholars debate whether this neo-conservative turn was (un)expected and how Putin’s policies reflect Russia’s exceptionality concepts, the State Duma has passed legislation which can also be used to curb political and societal activity and to illegalize actions and behaviour threatening to the regime. This active law-making creates challenges to the quality and cohesiveness of normative acts. Consequently, it may also result in law-breaking and advance the marginalization of such conc…

Conference Program: iRhetoric in Russian

iRhetoric in Russian: Performing the Self through Mobile Technology University of Passau, Germany, 12-14 June 2014 Conference Programme12 June 2014
6:00 pm   Keynote: Selfies, Cities, and Patterns: What We Are Learning by Analysing Millions of Social Media Photos Lev Manovich (New York)
13 June 2014
9:00 am   Opening Words  Burkhard Freitag (President of the University of Passau) 9:15 am  Organizational Introduction  Dirk Uffelmann, Gernot Howanitz 9:30 am  iRhetoric in Russian: A Conceptual Introduction Dirk Uffelmann (Passau)
Section I: Communicating Identities (Chair: Ellen Rutten) 10:00 am   Questioning the Binary of On-line and Offline Communication: The ‘Prosaization’ of ICT  Elena Trubina (Ekaterinburg) 10:20 am   Virtual Self and Digital Social Order: Performing Class in Runet Communication  Vera Zvereva (Edinburgh) 10:40 am   Identity as Informed by Discourse, Performed Through Genre and Manifest in Mode: A Multimodal Analysis of Russian Online Identities  Natasha Rulyova (Birmingham) 11:00 am…

The Gaidar Fellowship Program in Economics provides opportunities for mid-level and senior Russian economists

IREX is pleased to announce a fellowship opportunity for mid-level and senior Russian economists and legal experts working in the economic sphere to conduct collaborative research in the U.S. The Gaidar Fellowship Program in Economics provides opportunities for mid-level and senior Russian economists and legal experts working in the economic sphere to spend up to six months conducting collaborative research with U.S. experts that contributes to developing Russian capacities in entrepreneurship, economic diversification, technological innovation or the internationalization of its economy. TheGaidar Fellowship, which is a program of the U.S. Russia Foundation for Economic Advancement and the Rule of Law and administered by IREX, will provide fellows with:
·J-1 visa support, ·round-trip travel, ·housing, ·a monthly allowance, ·research support, and ·a variety of opportunities to publicize and promote their findings. Applications are due May 30, 2014, and are available to download onl…