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CALL FOR PROPOSALS for the 2nd Joint Conference on Baltic and Scandinavian Studies

CALL FOR PROPOSALS for the 2nd Joint Conference on Baltic and Scandinavian Studies

The Yale European Studies Council is pleased to announce that the Second Joint Conference of the Association for the Advancement of Baltic Studies (AABS) and the Society for the Advancement of Scandinavian Study (SASS) will be held at Yale University on 13-15 March 2014.  Guest speakers include Anders Winroth, Forst Family Professor and Director of Graduate Studies of History at Yale University.

Information about the conference may be found here:

The conference organizers invite proposals for papers, poster board presentations, panels and roundtables on all aspects of Baltic and Scandinavian politics, history, and society.  Submissions within one of the thematic streams featured on the conference website are encouraged, although participation in a stream is NOT required.  All proposals must be submitted via the website.  Submission deadline is 1 N…

Conference: Topographies of Popular Culture

Topographies of Popular Culture Programme From the venues of rock festivals and theme parks to the back alleys of Gotham City and the cinematic version of Hogwarts, popular culture contributes to collective perceptions of spatiality and recreates powerful imaginary topographies. Topographies of Popular Culture offers a forum for multidisciplinary discussions of popular culture and space in contemporary American, European and Russian contexts. The conference seeks to explore representations of space as constructed in popular literary and visual genres and digital culture. We invite presentations that examine how space and various popular genres are mutually constitutive in producing “popular” places (physical, social, and imagined) in the cultural and geographical settings of the USA, Europe, and Russia. We are especially interested in discussions and comparisons of “Western” and “Eastern” approaches to space as shaped by discourses…