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Happy New Year to my readers and friends!

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

This year is almost is about to end and the New Year is upon us. I know that I have not been blogging regularly for now sometime as I have been very busy with other academic matters including a huge move from the East Coast (Princeton) to the West Coast (Berkeley). However I will try to blog regularly this coming year.

I want to leave with some great Uzbek and Indian melodies for this outgoing year for you to enjoy. Happy New Year to you. Thank you so much for your patience and advice. I learned a lot after my move to Berkeley. I learned that the World cannot be simply seen through one narrow lens but through multiple lenses. Peace on Earth and Good Health to you.

Cfp: 5th Christina Conference of Gender Studies: Feminist Thought and the Politics of Concepts


5th Christina Conference of Gender Studies: Feminist Thought and the Politics of Concepts

University of Helsinki, 23–25. May 2013.

The 5th Christina Conference on Gender Studies focuses on the role of concepts in feminist thought. Concepts are crucial in all research, and also often deeply political, as feminist scholarship creates and circulates conceptual innovations which transform social realities transnationally.

Concepts such as ”gender” and ”queer” have already showed their transformational power. A plethora of others contest realitites, but are also prone to creating conficts and politics of its own within feminist thought: just consider ”equality,” ”sexual difference,” ”representation,”  ”sex work,” ”transgender,” ”social construction,” ”materiality,” ”affect,”  "masculinity,” ”body,” ”performativity,” or ”intersectionality.” The choice of concepts in research is always a political choice, and it also takes part in the politics of concepts within feminist sch…

Cfp: The Slavic, East European, and Eurasian Folklore Association [SEEFA]

The Slavic, East European, and Eurasian Folklore Association [SEEFA], an ASEEES affiliate, invites paper proposals for the 2013 ASEEES Conference, to be held in Boston on 21-24 November. The 2013 ASEEES theme is “Revolution,” broadly understood, although submissions may address any topic of interest to the profile of SEEFA (folklore, ethnology, ethnography, anthropology, and their interdisciplinary connections to literature, history, sociology, and other fields).  SEEFA plans to propose two to three panels, but cannot guarantee that all papers and panels will be accepted by the conference organizers.

Participation on SEEFA panels at ASEEES does not require SEEFA membership, but it does require ASEEES membership. We welcome participation from specialists in other fields of study, such as literature, anthropology, and history.

If you would like to submit a proposal, please:

* Send a title and a 250-word abstract of your proposed paper NO LATER THAN 9 JANUARY 2013 to Maria Car…

ARISC Graduate Student, Postdoctoral, and Junior Faculty Research Fellowship

ARISC Graduate Student, Postdoctoral, and Junior Faculty Research Fellowship The American Research Institute of the South Caucasus (ARISC) announces the availability of US graduate student, postdoctoral and junior faculty (pre-tenure) fellowships in support of research and mentoring activities in the South Caucasus (Armenia, Azerbaijan, and/or Georgia).  The goals of the fellowship are 1) to support research in and the study of the South Caucasus; and 2) to select, recognize and financially support individuals early in their careers who demonstrate high potential to contribute to research in this region. Projects in all fields in the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences are eligible, but all projects must include one or more undergraduate and/or graduate students from Armenia, Azerbaijan, and/or Georgia as research assistants/participants in order to foster long-term ties between the academic communities in the U.S. and the South Caucasus. Research awards will be made …

Workshop Global Russian: Exploring New Research Perspectives

Workshop on Global Russian: Exploring New Research Perspectives
24 - 25 January 2013

The objective of the workshop is to contextualise the Russian language within the new and rapidly developing field of sociolinguistics of globalisation and collectively to provide a critical reflection on the theoretical challenges posed by Russian as a global language.

Discussion will include but not be limited to the following questions and themes:

• To what extent may the existing postcolonial/globalisation paradigms be used to critique global Russian?
• The Russian language as a disintegrative and an integrative factor in societies and communities outside Russia.
• Global trends as facilitators for the use of Russian.
• New networks and domains of use for global Russian.
• Russia’s claim to ownership of global Russian.
• Pluricentricity of Russian.
• The Russophone Internet across the world.
• New cultural and social indexicalities emerging in the contexts of global Russian.
• The historical as…

Cfp: Constructing the “Soviet”? Political Consciousness, Everyday Practices, and New Identities.

The European University at Saint Petersburg
Call for Papers
 April 19 – 20, 2013
7th Annual Conference
Constructing the “Soviet”? Political Consciousness, Everyday Practices, and New Identities

Since 2007 the conference «Constructing the “Soviet”? Political Consciousness, Everyday Practices, New Identities» has been held annually upon the students’ initiative in the European University at Saint Petersburg.

The mission of the event is to provide an international discussion of the problems of the Soviet history, to develop the academic connections and to find new methods and approaches. The conference gives to young scholars from Russia and abroad an opportunity to discuss different aspects of Soviet everyday life, politics, economics and art; to receive comments of well-known academics: anthropologists, historians, sociologists and philologists on their research.

At the conference in April 2013 we would like to discuss inter alia the following topics:

- The Soviet economic system: beyond the e…