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IS Posting: 2012 Pacific Neighborhood Consortium Annual Conference and Joint Meetings

2012 Pacific Neighborhood Consortium Annual Conference and Joint Meetings

Friday, December 7, 2012, 8:30 am - Sunday, December 9, 2012, 6:00 pm
South Hall and Alumni House, UC Berkeley
Hosted by the Electronic Cultural Atlas Initiative (ECAI), the Pacific Neighborhood Consortium (PNC), and the School of Information
Conference website
This year, the PNC 2012 Annual Conference and Joint Meetings will provide an opportunity for global communities to gather up and further explore the cutting-edge trends in information technology. With the vision of creating a virtual library of cultural information through a time and place interface, this year’s conference focuses on issues of supporting collaboration and shared knowledge.
The main theme is “New Horizons: Information Technology Connecting Culture, Community, Time, and Place.”
In addition, a one-day workshop, From Space to Place, is being hosted in conjunction with PNC 2012 on December 9th. From Space to Place, Berkeley 2012, is the f…

COMPLAINTS: Cultures of Grievance in Eastern Europe and Eurasia

Program in Law and Public Affairs;
Program in Russian and Eurasian Studies Call for Papers
COMPLAINTS: Cultures of Grievance in Eastern Europe and Eurasia March 8-9, 2013, Princeton University
Complaints are one way that the powerless and the dispossessed communicate their disagreement, dissatisfaction, and resentment to the powerful and the dominant.  As a legal genre, a communication tool, and a narrative structure, complaints have a long history in Eastern Europe and Eurasia, from the peasants’ petitions to the Russian tsar to the dissidents’ letters to the party committees and from the complaint books in Soviet grocery stores to denunciation reports to the secret police. This conference plans to examine the genre of complaints in the public culture of Eastern Europe and Eurasia.
In his After the Wall: East Meets West in the New Berlin, John Borneman reminded us that legal petitions in East Germany were in fact a form of legal privilege…

Вторая международная научная конференция "Фольклор XXI века" (Москва, 21-21 ноября 2012 г.)

Государственный республиканский центр русского фольклора при поддержке Министерства культуры РФ продолжает серию ежегодных международных научных конференций под общим названием «Фольклор XXI века», посвященных актуальным вопросам изучения современной фольклорной культуры и новых традиций. Вторая конференция «Фольклор XXI века: Между архивом и сценой» состоится 21–23 ноября 2012 года в Москве и будет посвящена формам бытования современного фольклора.

Официальная страница конференции -
Краткие аннотации всех докладов -

Вход на заседания конференции свободный.



Между архивом и сценой

21—23 ноября 2012 года

21 НОЯБРЯ, среда

09.30 — Регистрация участников конференции
10.30 — Открытие конференции

Приветственное слово — генеральный директор ГРЦРФ, доктор педагогических наук, профе…
CREEES Seminar: “Between the Ethnos and the 'Soviet People': Interethnic Marriagein Soviet Central Asia” November 30 (Fri) - 12:00pm Adrienne Edgar Associate Professor of History, UC Santa Barbara Encina Hall West, room 208 Searchable campus map: Online RSVP required by 4 pm, 11/28: Open to the public / Lunch will be served The Soviet regime welcomed inter-ethnic marriage as a concrete manifestation of the “friendship of peoples,” and Soviet social scientists spared no effort to show that such marriages were increasing from year to year. Little is known, however, about how members of mixed couples and families viewed their place in Soviet society. My lecture will investigate this question based on oral history interviews conducted in Kazakhstan and Tajikistan. Adrienne Edgar is an associate professor of modern Russian and Central Asian history at the University of Calif…

Croatia and Open Access Journals: A List.

Acta AdriaticaISSN:0001-5113 e-ISSN:1846-0453

Acta Anaesthesiologica CroaticaISSN:1331-2987

Acta Botanica CroaticaISSN:0365-0588 e-ISSN:1847-8476

Acta Chirurgica CroaticaISSN:1845-2760 e-ISSN:1848-5367

Acta Clinica CroaticaISSN:0353-9466 e-ISSN:1333-9451

Acta Dermatovenerologica CroaticaISSN:1330-027X e-ISSN:1847-6538

Acta Geographica Croatica

Acta Graphica znanstveni časopis za tiskarstvo i grafičke komunikacijeISSN:0353-4707 e-ISSN:1848-3828

Acta Iadertina


Acta Medico-Historica AdriaticaISSN:1334-4366 e-ISSN:1334-6253

Acta pharmaceuticaISSN:1330-0075 e-ISSN:846-9558

Acta stomatologica CroaticaISSN:0001-7019 e-ISSN:1846-0410

Acta turisticaISSN:0353-4316 e-ISSN:1848-6061

Acta Turistica NovaISSN:1846-4394


Agriculturae Conspectus Scientificus (ACS)ISSN:1331-7768 e-ISSN:1331-7776

Agronomski glasnikISSN:0002-1954


Amalgam - časopis studenata sociologije

Anali Hrvatskog politološkog društvaISSN:1845-6707 e-ISSN:1847-5229

Anali Zavoda za pov…

The National Library of Poland to upload its 1.3 million bibliographic records to Worldcat!

Dear Readers,

Please see this important announcement here. Please forgive me for not posting any new posts lately as I have been busy working on my various research projects that require attention and time. Besides my full time work, my life will be incomplete without these constant research projects.

It is important for us to know that Biblioteka Narodowa of Poland is an important partner of Slavic Studies Librarians. There are several helpful tools along with a great digital library of Poland hosted on its site.

List of Open Access Journals from Serbia (Courtesy of doiSerbia and the National Library of Serbia)