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Job Vacancy: Executive Director, The Islamic Manuscript Association

Job Vacancy: Executive Director, The Islamic Manuscript Association The Islamic Manuscript Association is one of the principal projects of the Thesaurus Islamicus Foundation. The Association is an international non-profit organization dedicated to protecting Islamic manuscript collections and supporting those who work with them. It was formed in response to the urgent need to address the poor preservation and inaccessibility of many Islamic manuscript collections around the world. The position is full-time and is based at the Association’s office in Cambridge, UK. The contract is for one year. Employment in Cambridge will be through the Foundation’s representative company Tradigital, which is based in Cairo, Egypt. The salary will be £30,000-£35,000 gross per annum. The successful candidate will be responsible for the overall operational and financial management of the Association and the development of a cohesive plan for the Association’s future. He or she will be a charismatic leader…

The Ukrainian Weekly in New Jersey

The Ukrainian Weekly is published in English and its archive can be accessed also here. The weekly's website self describes as follows, "The Ukrainian Weekly was founded in 1933 to serve the Ukrainian American community and to function as a vehicle for communication of that community's concerns to the general public in the United States. Today the English-language newspaper publishes news about Ukraine and Ukrainians around the world; its readership, though mostly North American, is worldwide. The Ukrainian Weekly's editorial offices are in Parsippany, NJ; a full-time press bureau is located in Kyiv, capital of Ukraine. It is published by the Ukrainian National Association, a fraternal benefit life insurance society, based in Parsippany, NJ. "
It can be read here.


Havighurst Center for Russian & Post-Soviet Studies
12th Annual International Young Researchers Conference


Organizer: Scott M. Kenworthy
Miami University
Oxford, OH

March 28 – 31, 2013 Before the collapse of communism, religion in Russia and Eastern Europe was rarely a topic of scholarly research. The prevalence of the secularization thesis in the West, combined with the dominance of militantly atheist regimes in the East, led scholars to assume that religion no longer mattered in the region. Moreover, long held stereotypes about the Orthodox Church contributed to the dismissal of Orthodoxy’s importance as a factor in Russian or East European history; only a few pioneers in the field challenged this tendency. Since the collapse of communism, however, religion has reasserted itself in the public sphere in the former communist bloc as in many other parts of the world. There has be…



The Princess Dashkova Russian Centre, University of Edinburgh
30 August - 1 September 2012

Coinciding with the 2012 Catherine the Great Exhibition at the National Museum of Scotland, this 3-day conference will revolve around the socio-cultural shifts in the Russian language brought about by exposure to Enlightenment thinking.

The symposium programme and registration form for non-presenting participants is now available from:

Please register by no later than 1 August 2012.


Ottoman Era Periodicals Online at Hakkı Tarık Us Collection

I am glad to report that readers of this blog can access various Ottoman era Periodicals online of Hakkı Tarık Us Collection online. The site self-description can be found here. And it is as follows,"This is a digital archive of periodicals that belong to the Hakkı Tarık Us Collection, currently kept at the Beyazıt State Library in Istanbul. The Hakkı Tarık Us Collection, consisting of valuable books, journals, newspapers, yearbooks, almanacs, and salname’s, is being repaired, classified, registered and digitized since 2003. Digitizing Ottoman period periodicals, as well as preparing a catalogue of all of the periodicals, was jointly carried out by the Beyazıt State Library and the Tokyo University of Foreign Studies between 2003 and 2007, and between 2009 and 2010."

The List of digitized periodicals can be found here.

Job Opportunity: Department of Slavic and Eastern European Languages and Cultures at Ohio State University

Ohio State University's Dept. of Slavic & E European Languages. & Cultures invites applications
Senior tenured position in Russian Culture, with demonstrated teaching experience and a strong record of publications in three of the following areas: film, theater, poetry, theory, postmodernism, and gender studies. Applicants will be considered only if they have (1) native or near-native command of Russian and English, with the ability to teach in Russian at both undergraduate and graduate levels, and (2) a proven commitment to interdisciplinarity, since the position, through primarily in Russian culture, calls for teaching courses within or cross-listed with at least two of the following: Film Studies (FS), Theater, Comparative Studies, International Studies (IS), and Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies (WGSS). Interviews will be held at the ASEEES Convention in New Orleans, 15-18 November 2012.
To apply, please send a cover letter, a complete CV (with the names and email ad…

Call for Submission​s: Architectu​res of the Book

Implementing New Knowledge Environments (INKE) is the name of a Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC) major collaborative research initiative investigating how best to design and implement new digital information environments to fit the needs of their users.  Through research on the history and the future of the book, the way that people read and work in both digital and print environments, the design of information in these environments, and the technological facilitation of that design, INKE seeks to offer models for engaging with scholarly material. 

In brief, rather than leaving the design of new environments for reading, writing, and recording texts to hardware designers (in the big tent sense of “texts” championed by social bibliographer D.F. McKenzie) INKE wants to prioritize the human in human-computer interaction. As part of INKE’s research into the history of the book, our Textual Studies team has developed and is seeking your help in populating …

Podcasts of Writer in Residence Program at Stanford --Vladimir Sorokin

Russian Author Vladimir Sorokin's Podcasts can be listened at no charge here. These podcasts were uploaded by the Writer in Residence program of the Division of the Literatures, Cultures and Languages of the Stanford University.

The list of the posted pod-casts is below:

Ice (New York Review Books Classics, 2007)The Queue (New York Review Books Classics, 2008)Day of the Oprichnik: A Novel (Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2011)The Ice Trilogy (New York Review Books Classics, 2011)

New Interface of the European Library Portal Launched.

At you’ll find a newly designed website that offers access to the collections of Europe’s 48 national libraries, plus a growing number of leading research libraries.
New features include the ability to:
 • Search more quickly and easily
• Export records to reference management tools Mendeley and Zotero
• Access full metadata (for registered users)

In addition, a latest virtual exhibition has been launched. Manuscripts and Princes in Medieval and Renaissance Europe features 34 of the most important illuminated manuscripts, from the more than 1,000 digitized by the Europeana Regia project. These rare and valuable books were once owned by Carolingian Emperors, French King Charles V and the Aragonese kings of Naples. You can zoom in on each manuscript, flip through it page by page and even compare two manuscripts.

BestPravo.RU Russian Law Online

I want to bring to the attention of the readers of this blog a site that would allow us to access along the open-access principles some of the Prikazy of Russian Federation's differnt ministeries. It is called and it can be accessed here. Of course, ISI Emerging markets database provides access to Russian Legal Onlien Database, "Garant" that is very easy to use. Also East View provides access to Legal Kodeks Online through Garant.