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The Avestan Digital Archive Online – a project from the University of Salamanca

The site has tools for textual analysis and criticism. All of the manuscripts can be read online. Also the site indexes major Avestan manuscripts fromm India, Iran and other parts of the world.

"The Avestan Digital Archive (ADA) seeks to be a digital archive containing all Avestan manuscripts spread all over the world. The Avesta, the holy book of the Zoroastrian religion, was last edited at the end of the 90s of the 19th century by the German scholar K. F. Geldner. We claim that presently a new edition is needed. The main reasons are:
In the last decades some manuscripts Geldner did not have access to have become available
Geldner did not check by himself all the manuscripts used for his edition. For some of them he had access only to copies or collations by other colleagues. This was the source of several mistakes in his edition
The methods of textual criticism have strongly changed since Geldner and many methodological decisions of G…

Associate Research Fellowship Post-University of Exeter

College of Humanities   (Academic)
Associate Research Fellow for AHRC-funded project, Reconfiguring the 
Canon of Twentieth-Century Russian Poetry, 1991-2008 (Fixed term, 
full-time) (Ref. N2965)
This new full-time fixed term Associate Research Fellowship post is  available from 1 October 2010 until 30 September 2013.
The aim of the project, directed by Dr Katharine Hodgson as Principal Investigator, with Dr Alexandra Smith at the University of Edinburgh as Co-Investigator, is to explore the ways in which the contemporary Russian literary world has reshaped the canon of twentieth-century poetry. The project will assess the extent to which the canon as represented in print publications has changed in comparison to the canon of the late Soviet period, and analyze the contribution of Russian publishers, literary journals, and educational institutions to the process of canon formation. The post holder will investigate the role of educational institutions and publishers in the development of …

GRANTS- CARTI Fellowships 2011, OSI/HESP

Source : Oleksandr Shtokvych <>

We are pleased to present the Call for Applications for the Junior and Senior Fellowships of the Central Asia and Caucasus Research and Training Initiative (CARTI) for 2011. As the updated title of the program suggests, we are extending the geography of this Fellowship to the countries of South Caucasus and from 2011 will be also offering support to PhD students and postdoctoral scholars in Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia, while remaining committed to the original program region comprising Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan.

Please assist us in disseminating the information about the CARTI Program among potentially interested and qualified young scholars in the above countries, and encourage your colleagues in the region who are currently working on or have recently obtained their first doctoral degrees and who would benefit from such long-term academic support and collabora…