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Call for papers for the 2010 AATSEEL-WI Conference

AATSEEL-Wisconsin Conference
22-23 October 2010
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Call for papers for the 2010 AATSEEL-WI Conference

    Abstracts for 20 minute papers on any aspect of Slavic literatures and cultures (including film, music, the visual arts, and language pedagogy) are invited for the annual conference of the Wisconsin chapter of AATSEEL (The American Association of Teachers of Slavic and East European Languages).
    Comparative topics and interdisciplinary approaches are welcome. The conference will be held at the University of Wisconsin-Madison on Friday and Saturday, 22-23 October 2010.
    Recent conference programs are posted on the AATSEEL-WI website at

    To present a paper at the AATSEEL-WI conference, please submit a proposal by 31 August 2010. A complete proposal consists of:
1. Author's contact information (name, affiliation, postal address, telephone and email).
2. Paper title
3. 300-500 word abstract
4. Equipment…

Afghanistan Digital Library at NYU

Self-Description of the site: "Afghanistan’s legacy of publishing is in clear danger of disappearing. The earliest publications appearing in Afghanistan are extremely rare and, judging by their absence from library collections around the world, are to be found now almost exclusively in private collections, where public access is limited or non-existent. Decades of war in Afghanistan have further dispersed and destroyed holdings of books within the country itself.

The immediate objective of the Afghanistan Digital Library is to retrieve and restore the first sixty years of Afghanistan’s published cultural heritage. The project is collecting, cataloging, digitizing, and making available over the Internet as many Afghan publications from the period 1871–1930 as it is possible to identify and locate. In addition to books, this will eventually include all published serials, documents, pamphlets, and manuals. Phase 1 of the project, undertaken in 2005, has drawn materials from the colle…

Call for Papers: Journal of Central Asia and the Caucasian Studies (JCACS)

Journal of Central Asia and the Caucasian Studies (JCACS) is a refereed journal and published twice (Winter and Summer) a year.
JCACS publishes scholarly articles in Turkish and English from all over the world. The Editorial Office of the JCACS is in the International Strategic Research Organization (ISRO) central building in Ankara, Turkey. However the journal is an independent publication in terms of scientific research and the editors decide its publication policy. JCACS focuses on legal, political, sociological, cultural, social, religious, anthropological and economic studies regarding the Central Asia, Caucasus and neighbouring states' (Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, India, Afghanistan, China, Mongolia, Russia) and regions' (Black Sea, South Asia, Middle East, Far East) relations with the Central Asia and the Caucasus. The journal encourages interdisciplinary studies. Manuscripts submitted to JCACS should be original and challenging, and should not be under consideration by anot…

"Unmanned Aircraft Systems Flight Plan, 2009-2047"

Although not related to Slavic Studies directly, this unclassified plan titled "Unmanned Aircraft Systems Flight Plan, 2009-2047" that was released by the US Air-force last year makes it an interesting read. First, it provides us with a small bit of glimpse in to the future of what is yet to come. Second, it tells us that automation technologies along with super-sensors will be one way to go to reduce the human casualties while inflicting maximum damage on those who oppose the new world order.

The full report can be downloaded here.

Happy July 4th and Madagma Dorzhieva from Buryatia

Dear Friends,

Happy July 4th for all of you! I wanted to share with you an interview clip of Medegma Dorzhieva- my favorite Buryat pop singer. It is interesting to see that the interview is in Russian instead of Buryat, but that is understandable as the audience to which it was broadcast is primarily Russian speakers. Enjoy!


Journal of Central Asian and Caucasian Studies (JCACS) Vol. 5, No. 9, 2010 Published

Journal of Central Asian and Caucasian Studies (JCACS) Vol. 5, No. 9, 2010

This new issue contains the following articles:
Obama Yönetiminin Gürcistan Politikası: 2008-2010 / (in Turkish) (Obama Administration's Foreign Policy Towards Georgia: 2008-2010) By Ahmet Öztürk
Kırgızistan'da İktidarın El Değiştirmesi: Akayev ve Bakiyev'in Düşüşü / (in Turkish) (Change of Power in Kyrgyzstan: Fall of Akaev and Bakiev) By Yaşar Sarı
The Trends of Thought Among the Tatars and Bashkirs: Religious Reformism and Secular Jadidismvs. Qadimism (1883-1910) / (in English) By Ahmet Kanlıdere
The August 2008 Russian-Georgian Conflict and Its Implications: A New Era in the Caucasus? / (in English) By Kamer Kasım
Azerbaycan Tarihçiliğinde Bakü Mart Olaylarının Yeniden Değerlendirilmesi (31 Mart 1918)/(in Turkish) (Reinterpreting the March Events (March 31, 1918) in the Historiography of Azerbaijan) By Nesrin Sarıahmetoğlu Karagür
Kırgızlar ve Kırgızistan Tarihi ile İlgili Türkiye'de Yayımlanmış Bi…