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Russian Satirical Journals at U Wisconsin-Madison

Dear Readers,

I wanted to bring to your attention an interesting digitization project that has been completed at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The project is titled, "Russian Satirical Journals".

This project's self-description is as follows, "This digital collection represents a subset of the paper holdings of early 20th-century Russian political and satirical journals held in the University of Wisconsin-Madison Libraries in the Department of Special Collections. These journals are, for the most part, representative of political and satirical journals published during the small window of relative press freedom which existed in Russia from the Imperial Decree (Ukaz) on the press issued on November 24th (Old Style), 1905 until new stricter press regulations were issued on March 18th (Old Style), 1906. A few of the items such as Krasnobai and Kolo-kol'chik are difficult to date precisely, and a few items such as Nakanune, Obryv and Proselok represent public…

CFP: "Conflict as an Instrument in Internal Political Struggles: Secession Crises in the Post-Soviet Area"

"Conflict as an Instrument in Internal Political Struggles: Secession Crises in the Post-Soviet Area"

December 2-4, 2010
Humboldt-Universitët zu Berlin
Department of Social Sciences

In the framework of a DAAD Project on "conflict solution in Azerbaijan and Moldova" at the Department of Social Sciences of Humboldt-Universitët zu Berlin we are inviting submissions for a conference on the topic "Conflict as an instrument in internal political struggles and secession crises in the post-Soviet area". The conference will be a significant step for researchers from the region, Germany and other countries to establish new collaborative links and networks across countries.

Deadline for submission of the abstracts is July 15, 2010.

We welcome contributions focusing on the following topics:
Secession crises in post-Soviet states were shaped by heterogeneous dependencies and have different cause-effect relations. Most research on this topic is from an external perspective. T…

JOB- Vice President for Finance, American University of Central Asia, Bishkek

JOB- Vice President for Finance, American University of Central Asia, Bishkek

Source: Salkyn Ibraimova

American University of Central Asia, Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic, is a liberal arts University with 1300 students. We seek a Vice President for Finance who will report to the President of the University and work with a dynamic leadership team. We seek candidates who are fluent in both English and Russian and who appreciate deeply the liberal arts mission of the University.

Duties include the capacity to develop and monitor the University's operating and capital budgets and to forecast the financial condition of the University. The vice president will oversee finance, accounting, human and physical resources and the data base integration of financial and finance related transactions. The ideal candidate will be a strategic thinker with excellent managerial and communication skills. Interested candidates should send a cover letter expressing why they are interested in the position, a r…

Archival Sources on History of Russia-Polar Bear Project

The following project caught my attention as during the Soviet times considerable attention was paid to an invastion by the ANTANTY of fragile Soviet Russia. At the University of Michigan's Bentley Historical Library there is an interesting digitization project going on. The project website describes it as "American Intervention in Northern Russia, 1918-1919," nicknamed the "Polar Bear Expedition," was a U.S. military intervention in northern Russia at the end of World War I. Since many of these soldiers originated from Michigan, the Bentley Historical Library at the University of Michigan, an archive documenting Michigan history, has collected materials related to this event since the 1960s. The Bentley has amassed one of the largest groups of materials on this topic, consisting of over sixty individual collections of primary source material as well as numerous published materials."(

Trafficking in Persons Report 2010

"Secretary Clinton (June 14, 2010): "The 10th annual Trafficking in Persons Report outlines the continuing challenges across the globe, including in the United States. The Report, for the first time, includes a ranking of the United States based on the same standards to which we hold other countries. The United States takes its first-ever ranking not as a reprieve but as a responsibility to strengthen global efforts against modern slavery, including those within America. This human rights abuse is universal, and no one should claim immunity from its reach or from the responsibility to confront it." (Source:

PDF copy can be downloaded at the United States Department of State website at this link.

Digitized Historic Newspapers

Historische kranten in beeld
Digitised historic newspapers (Netherlands)

Royal Library in The Hague in The Netherlands is working to digitise make available online eight million newspaper pages from the period 1618-1995 from a selection of over 70 Dutch newspapers. These comprise national, regional and local newspapers as well as newspapers from the former colonies: the Dutch-Indies, Surinam and the Antilles. Currently available are materials from 1618-1945. These cover all world, local and national events from A Dutch perspective. A full list of titles and information on the progress of the project is available on the website. Most information is offered in Dutch only.
Not new but recommended!
is a joint project of the Documentation Centre for Dutch Political Parties (Documentatiecentrum Nederlandse politieke partijen; DNPP) and the Groningen University Library. It aims to electronically archive the websites of the main political parties, political organisations and politicians …

IFLA-Call for Submissions: Open Access to Science Information: Trends, Models and Strategies for Libraries

"Open Access to Science Information: Trends, Models and Strategies for Libraries"

IFLA Satellite pre-conference,
Sections: Science and Technology Libraries, Health and Biosciences Libraries

Chania, Crete, Greece, 6-8 August 2010
Call for papers

Dear Colleagues,

We are pleased to announce a Satellite Meeting in conjunction with the World Library and Information Congress: 76th IFLA General Conference and Assembly, "Open access to knowledge - promoting sustainable progress", 10-15 August 2010, Gothenburg, Sweden. The pre-conference Satellite Meeting "Open Access to Science Information: Trends, Models and Strategies for Libraries" will take place in the Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Chania (MAICh) Conference Centre, Chania, Crete, Greece at 6-8 August 2010.

Call for papers
The Satellite Meeting is organized under the umbrella of
the Applied Stochastic Models and Data Analysis International Society - ASMDA ( and it is aimed to all those in the …

Europeana Publishes First White Paper: Knowledge = Information In Context

Source:Jonathan Purday
Office: +44 (0) 1937 546614
Mobile: +44 (0) 7885 516234

Europeana is proud to announce its first White Paper: a look at the key role linked data will play in Europeana’s development and in helping Europe’s citizens make connections between existing knowledge to achieve new cultural and scientific advances.

Linked data gives machines the ability to make associations and put search terms into context. Without it, Europeana could be seen as a simple collection of digital objects. With linked data, the potential is far greater, as the author of the white paper, Prof. Stefan Gradmann, explains.

He uses an example from the experimental Thought Lab to show how a search for ‘Paris’ intuitively leads to connected concepts like items in the Louvre, a Paris-based institution. It also gives the option to see paintings portraying people named Paris, such as the Greek prince, who abducted of Helen of Troy. Fro…

In Memoriam- Andrei Voznesenskii

1 июня 2010Андрея Вознесенского похоронят в Переделкино Прощание с Андреем Вознесенским, предположительно, состоится в пятницу в Центральном Доме литераторов (ЦДЛ). Похороны пройдут в подмосковном Переделкино, где долгие годы жил поэт. Читать дальше