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ACM Multimedia 2010: Call for Workshop Papers

ACM Multimedia 2010 - Call for Workshop Papers
Deadlines : see on Workshops websites

October 25-29th 2010 - Firenze, Italy

ACM Multimedia 2010 announces its Workshop program:

Multimedia Content

1st ACM ARTEMIS2010 International Workshop on Analysis and Retrieval
of Tracked Events and Motion in Imagery Streams
3D Object Retrieval
3D video processing
Machine Learning and Music (MML10)
Multimodal Pervasive Video Analysis, MPVA 2010
Searching Spontaneous Conversational Speech (SSCS 2010)
Surreal media and Virtual Cloning
Very-Large-Scale Multimedia Corpus, Mining and Retrieval

Multimedia Systems

Advanced video streaming techniques for peer-to-peer networks and
social networking
Mobile Cloud Media Computing
Mobile Video Delivery (MoViD)

Human Centered Multimedia

Affective Interaction in Natural Environments (AFFINE)
Connected Multimedia
Electronic Heritage and Digital Art Preservation (eHeritage)
Social Signal Processing (SSPW 2010)
Social, Adaptive and Personalized Multimedia Interaction a…

First digital library of Azerbaijan’s history created

The first digital library of Azerbaijan's history, consisting of electronic versions of history books, documents and other sources and information on Azerbaijan, has been launched by "Ireli" Public Association in Azerbaijan.
The trilingual library (Azerbaijani, English and Russian) contains digital versions of books and articles written by Azerbaijani and foreign scholars, historical documents, as well as maps, photo databases of historical and cultural monuments, carpets, archaeological excavations, and numismatic materials. The portal provides extensive information about all periods of Azerbaijan's history.

Open Source Digital Humanities-South Asian Studies Links

Digital Humanities and South Asian Studies


Transformative aspects of access to information with respect to South Asian Studies are being constantly dissected in many inter-disciplinary subjects that are taught in various universities in the North American Setting. Usually words like Globalization are used loosely to indicate how the information streams have merged and often diverged to temporarily create surging interests to the way how not only the science is packaged, how the art is described and how the humanities are re-formed to provide greater access to those who can afford the technological minimum. South Asian Studies field is not an exception to these general trends and we should examine these trends in Digital Humanities in light of the current technological development that on one hand brought many parts of the world closer together while the other parts of the world still remain somewhat isolated from the processes that are grouped under the commonly used term-the globalized knowledge creation.

Here I want…

JOURNAL/CFP- PIPSS, Special Issue on Security & Defense Reform in Central Asia

The Journal of Power Institutions in Post-Soviet Societies,

Issue 12, December 2010

Erica Marat & Elisabeth Sieca-Kozlowski (12th Issue Editors)

Call for contributors: "Security and Defense Reform in Central Asia"

Two decades after the Soviet regime's collapse, the military and security institutions of Central Asia play an ever more important role in supporting national regimes and addressing national and regional challenges. After independence, the leaders of Central Asian countries increased their reliance on the military to address the challenges of independence and promote security. This inevitably influenced civil-military and intra-military relations, and society's perception of the military.

Organizations like the Russian-led Collective Security Treaty Organization and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization furthered this trend by encouraging greater military collaboration with Central Asia.
Joint exercises between the militaries of R…

The 2011 Annual Meeting of the American Association of Teachers of Slavic and East European Languages (AATSEEL)

The 2011 Annual Meeting of the American Association of Teachers of Slavic and East European Languages (AATSEEL) will be held in Pasadena, California, Jan. 6-9, 2011. The first deadline for submission of proposals is April 15, 2010. For information about this meeting and details about submission procedures, please see the Call for Papers at the following site:

The Program Committee invites scholars in our area to submit panel proposals that can be posted on the AATSEEL website; the committee particularly encourages scholars to shape their proposed panels. This year, we have added an option to submit fully-formed panel proposals with a single-paragraph description. Descriptions of individual papers for such panels do not need to be submitted until after the panel is accepted. Scholars may also submit individual proposals of their intended papers by the above deadline. The Program Committee will find appropriate panel placements for all accepted proposals.


ASU Critical Language Institute for Students-Summer 2010

The Arizona State University Critical Languages Institute is pleased to announce scholarships for its summer intensive courses and study-abroad programs in MACEDONIAN, POLISH, ALBANIAN, ARMENIAN. Additional funding is available for students at the intermediate level and above.

Tuition is waived for scholarship recipients. Scholarships cover all ASU fees associated with the course.

Visit and for details.

Kathleen Evans-Romaine
Director, Critical Languages Institute
Arizona State University
Tempe, AZ 85287-4202
Phone: 480 965 4188
Fax: 480 965 1700

Qazaq Pop Music Revisited- April 2010

I have decided to revisit Qazaq popular music as it appears on the Youtube. I had in one of my previous post mentioned a talented Qazaq popular music singer- Inju (Pronounced Indzhu>). I found her new clip posted on the Youtube and I want to bring it to the attention of my readers. The Central Asia should not be imagined as a romantic exotic place that is usually forgotten when the world history is taught in many American Schools. So we thus jump from Europe to the "romanticized notion of the Orient or the East". We often forget that there is a vast area that lies between so called "Europe" and "Asia". I will not dwell upon the notion of if Indians are Asians or not as I have heard various accounts while in California on what it means to be an Asian?

New Digital Repository of the National and University Library from Zagreb, Croatia

The following link allows the user to access to the digitized collection of numerous publications from the treasury of National and University Library from Zagreb, Croatia. Here are some of the titles you can research: Vinodolski zakon, Istarski razvod, Vrbnički statut, Status familiae Patachich, Carte geografiche Giacoma Franca, Misal po zakonu rimskoga dvora, Djela Marka Marulića, Djela Fausta Vrančića, Vazetje Sigeta grada Brne Karnarutića, Skladanya Hanibala Lucića, Skladanya Hanibala Lucića, Djela iz Knjižnice obitelji Zrinski, etc.

There you can find also some of the geographic maps, graphics and even some children picture books. This is a very interesting project out of Croatia.
Also, if you haven't made a record, we remind you, new titles, digitalized electronic books are available on: The Collection is updated regularly and new titles are added several times during the year. Miljenko Jergovic, Ruj…

California Eurasian Studies Kurultai

April 10, 2010
Royce Hall 306, UCLA

We are pleased to announce that the first California Eurasian Studies Kurultai, sponsored by the UCLA Center for European and Eurasian Studies and the UCLA Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures, will be held from 8:30 A. M. to 5:30 P. M. on THIS SATURDAY, April 10, 2010 in Royce Hall 306, on the UCLA campus.

The Kurultai is a graduate conference on Eurasian cultural interactions, featuring scholars whose work focuses on moments of contact and conflict in Eurasia, beyond the established disciplinary boundaries. The conference will be held in a workshop format; panelists' papers have been posted to the conference site to facilitate discussion.

The conference will open with a keynote address by Alexander Diener of Pepperdine University, author of several works on the topic of national identity and contact in present-day Eurasia, including One Homeland or Two: Nationalization and Transnationalizat…

The British Ordnance Survey has been released in March 2010

The British Ordnance Survey has released the gov't report on the future direction of the OS, including what data will be released free of charge for private, public, and commercial use. The report is available at . It is interesting in that the British gov't is now setting up a "commercial contract" with OS for funding at least some of the costs of the OS, whereas the OS was fully self-supporting up to now.

The OS also launched today its new "OS OpenData" website at where the public can download the various free data sets, including medium scale vector data, etc.
According to the OS, the new site is very overloaded today and users may get a request for user i.d. and password. This requirement is a glitch due to the overland and OS is working to fix it.

The OS has already announced the end of its very popular 1:250,000 Travelmaster road map series as well as…