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Buriat Mongol Pop Star- Medegma Dorzhieva

Who is Medegma Dorzhieva? She is my favorite Buriat Mongol Pop-Singer. Her songs are as lively as the nature of Buriatiia. Her songs always make me nostalgic about the mountains and the steppes of Eurasia. I wish I could live and work in Eurasia one day. I am posting these two pictures for the fair academic use so my readers have an idea about her recent compact disc covers. Isn't she very pretty? Her voice is also beautiful. Besides, being an excellent singer she has a doctorate in Economics. She has a myspace page (?), which can be found at

I am introducing her two youtube clips. These are of relatively low resoultion so the quality has suffered. However the sound is loud and clear. I hope that you will enjoy these clips.

The second clip is from a New Year's concert in 2009.

Revisiting Buriat-Mongol Pop Music

Dear Readers, I was in Buriatiia last year, it was one of the most memorable experiences in my life. I rediscovered what it means to be one with the nature as I camped at the banks of Lake Baikal. I, the person of Indian origin, breaking bread with my Buriat Mongol friends of the Ekherit clan was as surreal as being a librarian in one of the best libraries in the United States. Like my friend says, every day is a new adventure. Do not look at life with the lense of lost years or with the lense of being an imagined "Indian". Enjoy and help others.

I want to bring this new video from another duet from Buriatia. The singers are Chingiz Radnaeva and Dulma Sunrapova. The title of the song is "Khoyer Zurkhen". Enjoy this soothing music. Can someone please help me find the lyrics and help me with translation?

Afghanistan in 2009 by The Asia Foundation Released

The Asia Foundation released its fifth survey of the Afghan people. The report is "Afghanistan in 2009: A Survey of the Afghan People"
According to their website "The Asia Foundation released its fifth survey of the Afghan people. Aiming to provide the Afghan citizenry, policy makers and influential actors in government, civil society, and the international community with useful, actionable information, the 2009 Survey of the Afghan People is a comprehensive assessment of national perception in key policy areas. These areas include: security, economy, governance, democratic values, and women and society. The 2009 fieldwork was conducted during June 17-July 6, prior to the August 20 elections, and builds upon previous surveys conducted in 2004, 2006, 2007, and 2008. Its value can be found in its rigorous methodology and reliable consistency in measuring public perceptions on …

Part-time Slavonic Regional Specialist Job at Oxford

Part-time Slavonic Regional Specialist
University of Oxford - Oxford University Library Services, Taylor Institution Library
Grade 7: Salary £28,839- £35,469 p.a. (pro rata)
This highly specialized role involves collection development and management, academic liaison, user education and subject-based enquiries in support of research in the languages, literatures and area studies of parts of Eastern Europe. Please request a job description for full details.
Applicants should, ideally, have a degree or equivalent qualification in an aspect of Slavonic/East European Studies relevant to the post, a professional qualification in librarianship and at least two years' appropriate post-qualification experience in an academic library. Substantial experience in a similar post may be considered as equivalent to a professional library qualification. An excellent working knowledge of English, Polish and Czech and good working knowledge of other relevant languages will also be required. Good commun…

REPORT - China - Cyber Warfare and Computer Network Exploitation

China - Cyber Warfare and Computer Network Exploitation

The latest report from the US-China Economic and Security Review Commission is "Capability of the People's Republic of China to Conduct Cyber Warfare and Computer Network Exploitation."The report "presents a comprehensive open source assessment of China's capability to conduct computer network operations (CNO) both during peacetime and periods of
conflict" and is available at

The main committee and other reports are available at

Greta E. Marlatt
Outreach & Collection Development Manager &
Homeland Security Digital Library Content Team Manager
Dudley Knox Library
Naval Postgraduate School
411 Dyer Rd
Monterey, CA  93943
phone: 831-656-3500
fax: 831-656-2842

2009: Music from Kazakh/Qazaqstan: Part 3-Tequila Sings in Russian!

This is a brand-new clip of Qazaqstani group called Tequila. These ladies sing in Russian. Are we in 80s with Bee-Gees???I will not comment on here about who should and in what language should they sing. I will say this much-Enjoy the music. I will also post some Qazaq rap for my readers.

Qazaq Rap 2009: Yerbolat - Бiздiн Жiгiттер

Finally, I found this interesting Rap clip from Qazaqstan.

Qazaq/Kazakh Pop- Part 1: Сағыну and Part 2: Iнжу sings in 2009- Махаббат

Dauys International Group from Kazakhstan is one of my favorite groups, not because of who is singing, but also because the pop beat that is included in their songs is for me captivating. Of course, a seasoned music critic will laugh and dismiss my claim. And this is why I love blogging. It is about responsible freedom of free speech. So can anyone help me translate what these Qazaqstani women are singing?

Or this beautiful 2009song about love by Iнжу - Махаббат. Is she singing in Kyrgyzh or Qazaq? Please help. Yes, Mahabbat-Aishq-Love...

The UCLA Center for Medieval & Renaissance Studies Event

The UCLA Center for Medieval & Renaissance Studies invites you to attend "Mediterranean Studies II: East and West at the Center, 1050-1600," the second part of a two-part seminar series organized by Professor Zrinka Stahuljak (UCLA French & Francophone Studies and CMRS Associate Director for Medieval Studies). This seminar has been considering the Mediterranean as an entity, the center for both East and West, and part of a world system rather than a line of separation between the emerging "West" and an exotic "East." For the second part of the seminar series we have invited our guests to reflect on the methodology applicable to Mediterranean Studies. Information about the entire seminar series is at

The fourth seminar is on Monday, October 26, 2009, from 3:00-6:00 pm in Royce 306. Professor Jocelyne Dakhlia (EHESS, Paris) will discuss "Lingua Franca: Hybridity and Conflict in the Mediterranean.&quo…

UCLA Budget Situation Update from Chancellor-October 20, 2009

UCLA Office of the Chancellor

To the Campus Community:
Across campus, faculty, staff and students are experiencing the consequences of an unprecedented reduction in state support to the University of California system.  The effects include larger class sizes, reduced library hours, and faculty and staff salary reductions; student fee increases are looming.  These are difficult times, and I am deeply grateful for your patience, understanding and dedication as we make the often painful decisions necessary to ensure UCLA's continued excellence.
The measures we have taken are helping to close a 2009-10 budget shortfall of more than $150 million.  But we still must make long-term, structural changes so that our academic programs and campus operations align with new funding realities.  While we continue to advocate strongly for state funding, we must face reality and plan for a future that relies less on volatile state support, which is not expected to improve next year.
Currently, we are c…

Azerbaijani Language News Media on the net:

"Azərbaycan" (Official State newspaper. Outlet of Azerbaijani Parliament):
"Xalq Qəzeti"(Pro-governmental):
"Yeni Azərbaycan" (Official outlet of ruling Yeni Azərbaycan party):
"525-ci qəzet" (İndependent. Most of Azeri poets, writers prefer to write their columns in this newspaper)
"Yeni Müsavat" (Oppositional. Proxy of oppositional Müsavat Party):
"Azadlıq" (Oppositional. Proxy of oppositional People's Front Party):
Bizim yol (Oppositional. Close to oppositional People's Front Party):
(Source: Dr. Altay Goyushov- UCLA Near Eastern Studies Department)

Prism: the newsletter from the ALA Office for Accreditation Published

The Fall 2009 edition of Prism: the newsletter from the ALA Office for Accreditation is now available at This message is being sent to our constituent groups. I apologize if you receive multiple messages.

Features include:
Accreditation actions taken at the July meeting in Chicago
From the Director: Outlook - Karen O'Brien provides an update on the Standards review process and introduces the five new members of COA
From the COA Chair: Perspective - Vicki Gregory, new Chair of the COA, discusses the COA perspective on the Standards revision process
Spotlight on Process and Policy - a new column focusing on an aspect of ALA accreditation process and policy. In this issue, Laura Dare discusses sample Program Presentations and ERP Reports and their use in the review process
News and Announcements - events and trainings at ALA Midwinter Meeting in Boston, electronic communications from the Office, and recruit…

Call for Presentations: RUSA at the ALA 2010


The Research and Statistics Committee of the Reference Services Section of RUSA invites the submission of research projects for presentation at the 16th Reference Research Forum at the 2010 American Library Association Annual Conference in Washington, D.C.

The Reference Research Forum continues to be one of the most popular and valuable programs during the ALA Annual Conference, where attendees can learn about notable research projects conducted in the broad area of reference services such as user behavior, electronic services, reference effectiveness and assessment, and organizational structure and personnel. All researchers, including reference practitioners from all types of libraries, library school faculty and students, and other interested individuals, are encouraged to submit a proposal.

For examples of projects presented at past Forums, please see the Committee's website:

The Committee employs a blind review proces…

Azerbaycan: Bizim Yol- An Opposition Newspaper??

Dear Readers, I want to know more about the state of publishing in Azerbaijan with respect to the freedom of press. Do you know of any opposition newspapers in Azerbaijan? Do you have any suggestions or any recommendations where I can find the examples of the opposition websites? After all, Azerbaijan is a democratic country. Please help. Thank you.

Bizim Yol (Translated as "Our Way"

Above is a screenshot of an opposition newspaper in Azeri called "Bizim Yol". As I understand from my superficial searches that it is indeed a newspaper that offeres differing perspectives.

Central Asia News Review by NMCA-October 2008 Published

Georgia: "Special Edition" of the Archival Bulletin

The Archive Department of the Georgian Ministry of Internal Affairs has just released a "Special Edition" of the Archival Bulletin devoted to the history of Georgian separatist conflicts, which is available for download in PDF format:

The Archive Department has also recently translated its main web portal into English, where one can find a great many interesting documents and videos:

Any institution interested in receiving hard copies of the Archival Bulletin or individuals interested in working in the Georgian KGB and Central Committee archives should contact:
Colonel Omar Tushurashvili
Head of the Archives Department
Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia
Vazha-Pshavela Avenue, #72
Tbilisi, Georgia
Tel./Fax: (995 32) 323898
E-mail: Tushurashvili(at) or Moambe(at)

2010 James and Sylvia Thayer Short-Term Research Fellowships

UCLA Library Special Collections

The James and Sylvia Thayer Short-Term Research Fellowships support the use of special collections materials by visiting scholars and UCLA graduate students. Collections that are administered by the newly integrated UCLA Library Special Collections and available for Thayer fellowship-supported research include materials in the humanities and social sciences; medicine; life and physical sciences; visual and performing arts; and UCLA history.

Research residencies may last up to three months between March 1 and December 17, 2010. Recipients receive stipends ranging from $500 to $2500. (Awards vary yearly. Grants in 2008 averaged $1400; in 2009, $1200.)  Those receiving fellowships are expected to provide a report on the results of their research that can be mounted on the UCLA Library Web site.

United States citizens and permanent residents with the legal right to work in the U.S. who are engaged in graduate-l…

Balkan Singers-Part II: Maja Marijana (Маја Маријана) or Marijana Radovanović and Her Music

I want to introduce my readers to Maja Marijana- a Serbian singer that was born in Novi Sad. I was unable to find her official website, so I have to post some of her video songs that the readers might find interesting.

Maja Marijana- Žena Zmija(2008)

Žena zmija sedi za sankom,
pije svoj viski s ledom igra se vatrom.
Žena zmija gleda te krisom
i nazdravlja casom prema ljubavi bivsoj...

Crni Panter-2006?

Maja Mariana's early song: Ja Nisam Devojka Lutalica (PGP-RTB, 1992)

Slovene Journal Filozofski vestnik International to join Open Humanities Press

PHILOSOPHY JOURNAL CONVERTS TO OA, JOINS OPEN HUMANITIES PRESS –Filozofski vestnik International, a peer-reviewed journal from theInstitute of Philosophy, Scientific Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy of the Arts and Sciences, has converted to open access andbecome part of the Open Humanities Press collective.

The major new humanities publishing initiative, Open Humanities Press (OHP) (, is pleased to welcome its latest addition to the open access journal collective. Filozofski vestnik International, edited by Peter Klepec, is the first print-to-OA conversion OHP has undertaken.

Filozofski vestnik International, the international edition of the Slovenian language journal, will continue to publish in print as well as OA. The editors explained their decision as a way of extending the small print runs that are subsidized by the Slovenian government. “The open access edition will reach a much wider audience than the paper versions. We see them as complem…

Balkan Singers-Part I: Stoja and Her Music

I have decided to fall in learn with Turbo-folk music from the Balkans. As an Indian, I have been already defined in historic terms by some to be "an emotional oriental", so here I am sharing my newly found passion for various genres of Balkan Music. I know that there are many individuals in the Balkans who do not enjoy the "folk" aspect of this music for many different reasons. I am staunch believer of the fact that one should enjoy the music that one is comfortable with. So I want to introduce you to a middle aged singer Stoja Stojanovic (Стојанка Стоја Новаковић) that sings beautiful melodies, however her music videos leave us desiring for better themes than today.Please judge for your own selves.

It is very interesting to look at the statistics that Youtube provides for the viewers. Also, more interesting are various text comments that vary from references to sexuality, cellulitis, age, and beauty.What happened to "Thou Shall Not Judge...

Stoja's Intervi…

Dr. Olena Bashun at UNC Chapel Hill

The University Library at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill hosts Dr. Olena Bashun, the Deputy Director of the Donetsk regional scientific library. She also serves as the Chair of the Donetsk Regional Section of the Ukrainian Library Association and is an editor of a professional library journal «Library forum of Ukraine». Dr. Bashun came to the US to study the “American Approach to Digitalization of Library Collections”; she will be staying in the US until the end of December 2009 (with possible extension of her grant through the end of March 2010). Dr. Bashun’s email is

Nadia Zilper
Department Head. Global Resources and Area Studies Collection Development
Curator of Slavic and East European Collections
and the Andre Savine Collection.
Davis Library, CB # 3918
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Chapel Hill, NC 27514-8890
Tel.: (W) 919-962-3740; (M) 919-259-2171; Fax: 919-962-4450