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Milliyet Gazete Arşivi: Digital Archive Online

Since Turkey's relationship in the Post-Soviet World has been expanding in the Central Asia, I have decided to inform my readers that periodically I will be posting on Turkey, Turkish libraries and other relevant materials from this beautiful country.

I invite you to enjoy the Digital Archives of a Turkish Daily Milliyet Gazete that has been published since 1950.The years 1950 to 2004 can be reached at the following address on a full page basis anmd you can search with keywords:

All one has to do to access this searcheable archive is to register on the site.

The archive is available till years 2004. The Self-description is as follows:Milliyet Gazete Arşivi, 3 Mayıs 1950 ile 30 Haziran 2004 tarihleri arasında yayımlanmış Milliyet gazetelerini içermektedir.
Aradığınız haberleri sözcük belirterek bulabilir, gazete sayfalarını tarih ve sayfa numarası seçerek görebilirsiniz.

Web Resource: Ethnographic Map of the Balkan Peninsula

Web Site:

Site Self Description: Description
The dissolution of the Austro-Hungarian Empire at the end of World War I transformed the political organization of the Balkans. The war had started in the Balkans with the assassination of the Habsburg Archduke Franz Ferdinand by a militant Bosnian Serb seeking independence for his country from the dual empire. Jovan Cvijić, the author of this “ethnographic map” of the Balkans, published in 1918 by the American Geographical Society of New York, was a professor of geography at the University of Belgrade. Cvijić completed his doctorate at the University of Vienna in the 1890s on geological formations and physical geomorphology, but his interests later shifted to “anthropogeographical” research analyzing the geographical influences on ethnic and cultural dynamics in the Balkan Peninsula. Cvijić’s map is a testament to the ethnic, religious, and national diversity of the Balkans, but it provides little sens…

Online Source: Central Asia-Caucasus Analyst (Volume 11, no. 17)

The 16 September issue of the Central Asia-Caucasus Analyst (Volume 11, no. 17) is now online at The PDF version of the entire issue is available at:

Full contents: (Click article title for link? otherwise visit or download PDF.)
Analytical Articles
Trans-Caspian Trepidations: How Serious?
Alexandros Petersen

Turkey and Armenia Seek to Normalize Relations
Haroutiun Khachatrian

Sheikh Said Buryatsky and the Fresh Cult of the Suicide Bomber in the North Caucasus
Kevin Daniel Leahy

The Metamorphosis of Collective Security in Central Asia: Russia's New Base in Southern Kyrgyzstan
Farkhod Tolipov

Field Reports

New Study Provides Evidence of Russian Planning of Wartime Cyber-Attack on Georgia…


This is a call to submit a proposal for an individual paper or for a complete panel for the 33d Annual Meeting of the Mid-Atlantic Slavic Conference, a regional conference of the AAASS (ASEEES). Panels and papers are welcome on any appropriate scholarly aspect of Slavic and East European Studies. Proposals must include the following to be considered:
The paper's title and a very brief abstract
Any requests for technical support (especially important for our planning) 3. The surface and email addresses of the presenter
His or her institutional affiliation and professional status (professor, graduate student, etc.)
Room assignments for the panels are based in part on knowing the need for technical support when the Executive Board meets in mid-January. Undergraduate students under the guidance of a faculty mentor may present a paper at the Conference if the faculty mentor submits the information outlined above. The Conference will be held at Swarthmore College in Swarthmore, PA (near…

Call for applications: The John Smith Fellowship Program (The United Kingdom) 2010

The John Smith Memorial Trust is currently seeking applications from potential candidates for its 2010 Fellowship Program, to take place over five weeks in June/July next year.

The aim of our Fellowship is to enable exceptional individuals to study political, judicial, constitutional and other relative institutions and procedures in the United Kingdom and to share experiences of their own institutions with their peers and with British hosts and experts. We aim to foster leadership qualities in an outstanding group of individuals who, on the completion of their Fellowship, will return home to apply what they have learnt during their time in the UK. Our common purpose is to foster better relations and understanding between the Fellowship countries and the UK and between the Fellowship countries and each other.

Applications for Fellowships are invited from: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Russia, and Ukraine

Please note that the Trust only accepts applications from these…

D is for Digitize (Not Just Another Google Book Settlement Conference)

The proposed Google Book Search settlement appeals to one of the most complex questions faced by an evolving library community: What is the future of access to books and digital information? The settlement touches on many issues central to libraries, such as information access, reader privacy, fair use, and freedom of inquiry. Through a class action settlement, the agreement combines complicated legal, economic, and policy questions that many feel should be carefully scrutinized through the lens of equitable public access to information. Libraries have been key players in digitization initiatives, years before the Google Book settlement. Do our strategies change in light of the settlement?  How can we continue our mission to be stewards of the world's cultural heritage? The D is for Digitize conference brings together leading public interest, academic, legal and business minds to tackle these important and timely topics.

When: October 8-10, 2009

Where: New York Law School, 185 West …

Dnevni Avaz-Bosanskohercegovački politički dnevnik: A Bosnian Daily

Dnevni Avaz remains the most popular daily newspapers from Sarajevo in Bosnian language. Dnevni Avaz means the Daily Voice. It was founded in 1995 by Fahrudin Radončić. It is an integral part of the Avaz publishing house.

Like any other web-based sites, the front page of the website of this newspaper also has several adds such as Islamic Zakat Calculator or Soros Schools

The addresses for correspondence are as follows:

Predsjednik Uprave Avaz-a: Fahrudin Radončić
Generalni direktor "Avaz-roto press"-a: Faruk Čardžić
Chief Editor(Glavni i odgovorni urednik): Sead Numanović
The editor of the web edition (Urednik portala): Adi Hadžiarapović
E-mail redakcije portala Dnevnog avaza
E-mail to the Editorial Bureau (redakcije Dnevnog avaza):

Phone Numbers are as follows:
Generalni direktor "Avaz-roto press"-a
+387 33 281 391
Glavni i odgovorni urednik Dnevnog avaza
+387 33 281 490
Sekretar redakcije Dnevnog avaza
+387 33 281 393
Redakcija p…

In Memoriam: Елизавета Мукасей

21.09.2009 Легендарная разведчица-нелегал Елизавета Мукасей скончалась в МосквеМОСКВА, 21 сен - РИА Новости. Знаменитая разведчица-нелегал Елизавета Ивановна Мукасей, супруга недавно ушедшего из жизни выдающегося разведчика Михаила Исааковича Мукасея, умерла в Москве на 98-ом году жизни в ночь... Читать дальше

Serbian Language Newspapers from Bosnia and Herzegovina

I will be periodically writing about the periodicals publishing scene in the Balkans. This is my first post that will bring to my attention the website of a Bosnian Serb privately-owned centrist newspaper "Nezavisne novine". This newspaper also has downloadable PDF version of its daily edition as well as the newspaper archive that goes back to year 2000.
Here is a snapshot of today's front page for my readers.

A New Creative Commons Report Released: Defining Noncommercial: A Study of how the online population understands “Noncommercial Use”

A Digital Project on Hryhorii Skovoroda

An online concordance to the complete oeuvre of Hryhorii Skovoroda, which might be of interest to specialists of the eighteenth century has been published:

The team is still working on the site's aesthetic appearance and a Ukrainian version, both of which should be ready by the end of September. We invite your suggestions and recommendations. These may be sent to the Guest Book or directly to me:

Natalia Pylypiuk
Oleh S. Ilnytzkyj
Serhiy Kozakov
Prof. Natalia Pylypiuk, PhD
Modern Languages & Cultural Studies []
200 Arts, University of Alberta
Edmonton, AB, Canada T6G 2E6

CALL FOR PAPERS 48th Annual Meeting Southern Conference on Slavic Studies

CALL FOR PAPERS: International Conference: “Orientalism/Occidentalism: Languages of Cultures vs. Languages of Description”

International Conference: "Orientalism/Occidentalism:  Languages of Cultures vs. Languages of
Description" Hosted by the Russian Institute for Cultural Research in Moscow

23-25 September 2010

This Conference intends to stimulate the study of the cross-cultural phenomenon of Orientalism, broadly understood as fictional narratives or an academic description of the East (Asian and African cultures) in Western art, literature and scholarly research. An analysis of the interpretations of the East by the West (and vice versa) and their historical evolution has emerged as especially important in light of ongoing globalization which has triggered the intensification of ideological, religious, economic and cultural differences between the East and the West.

Orientalism, the European interpretation of the East, bears negative connotations in some Asian societies and among certain Western scholars. Occidentalism, or the depiction of the West as seen from the East, often oscillates between …

The British Library launches new traditional and world music collections

The British Library launches new traditional and world music collections online at Featuring unique field recordings, live performances and out-of-print commercial releases, this latest addition to the JISC-funded Archival Sound Recordings website provides a sample of musical traditions across the globe - offering a glimpse of cultural experience around the world.

Source is BL press release as below:
Highlights include:

Traditional music in England – ranging from rowdy pub sessions to the intimate settings of musicians' homes and slickly produced radio programmes, this collection provides a unique insight into traditional English music, including popular ballads, children's skipping songs, music hall, soldiers' songs and folk tales, for example:

* A sing-along of 'It's a long way to Tipperary' medley in the Boldon Lad public house in Newcastle accompanied on banjo and spoons (1979).
* A rousing rendition of 'Any old iron' recorde…

Discovering the Balkan Turbo-Folk: Ceca, Stoja, and others

Discovering the Balkan Turbo-Folk: Ceca, Stoja, and others

I must admit that I was not familiar with this genre of music that is so prevalent in the Balkans on the territories of Serbia, Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. I did not know that each country produced this type of turbo-folk music and that there is a real rivalry based on the words of these songs. I must admit that some of the melodies show a unique blend of Turkish melodies that I would denote to be Arabesque with the Southern Slavic words. I asked my colleagues in the Balkan library world about this type of music and I was told that I should rather listen to traditional regional music. For my readers, I am going to introduce four different clips that can be found in Youtube.

Ceca or Цеца (Светлана Разнатович): Is she a persona non-grata in Serbia Today?

We all know that she was married to Arkan- a man with criminal past who considered himself to be Hero of the Yugoslav wars but the international community considered him to…