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[Fellowships]2009-2010 National Endowment for Humanities Collaborative Research Fellowship.

Applications are now available for the 2009-2010 National Endowment for Humanities Collaborative Research Fellowship.

Application deadline: February 15, 2009.

The Collaborative Research Fellowship, administered by American Councils for International Education: ACTR/ACCELS and the National Council for Eurasian and East European Research (NCEEER) with support from the National Endowment for the Humanities, provides up to $40,000 for four to twelve months of collaborative research in Eastern Europe and Eurasia.

The Collaborative Research Fellowship supports a wide range of humanities topics including, but not limited to, linguistics, literature, history, philosophy, archaeology, comparative religion, ethics and the history criticism, and theory of the arts. Applicants must hold a Ph.D. or other terminal degree and have a working knowledge of one or more of the languages of East-Central Europe or Eurasia, or be able to demonstrate that such language proficiency is not critical for the suc…

[Job Posting]Special Professional Faculty, University of Notre Dame

Special Professional Faculty, University of Notre Dame

The Department of German and Russian Languages and Literatures invites applications for a Special Professional Faculty (non-tenure-track) position in Russian literature and culture (specialty open) to begin July 1, 2009. Applicants should be trained in the latest methods of foreign language pedagogy and be prepared to teach at all levels of our curriculum, including Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced Russian as well as literature courses in Russian and in translation.

Applicants should demonstrate evidence of excellent teaching, scholarly promise, and the dedication to contribute to a growing program. Near-native fluency in Russian and English is required.

Ph.D. in hand, ideally, by time of appointment. Responsibilities include teaching six courses per academic year, maintaining a research profile, and fulfilling various administrative duties, including advising undergraduates in areas such as major and minor requirements,…

[Online Source] for Slavic Literature

Self-Description: This section contains works of notable Russian/Soviet writers from the Nineteenth and Twentith Century. The text is in Russian, with special reading aids for learners of that language. When you encounter a word that you don't know, poisition your mouse pointer over it to see its English equivalent. For a more detailed description, click on the word.

Site Link:

Site Contents:
Open Access to the full texts of literary works of several important Russian authors.
Besides one can create a personal e book reader.

Mikhail Aleksandrovich Sholokhov

Vladimir Vladimirovich Nabokov

Yurii Karlovich Olesha

Andrei Platonovich Platonov

Isaak Emmanuilovich Babel

Boris Pasternak

Mikhail Afanasevich Bulgakov

Evgenii Ivanovich Zamyatin

Aleksandr Stepanovich Grin

Aleksandr Aleksandrovich Blok

Ivan Alekseevich Bunin

Anton Pavlovich Chekhov

Lev Nikolaevich Tolstoi

Fedor Mikhailovich Dostoevskii

Ivan Aleksandrovich Goncharov

Ivan Sergeevich Turgenev

Nikolai Vasilevich …

[CFP]14th Annual World Convention of the Association for the Study of Nationalities (ASN)

International Affairs Building,
Columbia University, NY
Sponsored by the Harriman Institute
23-25 April 2009

Contact information:
proposals must be submitted to: and

100+ PANELS on the Balkans, Central Europe and the Baltics, Russia,
100+ Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Central Asia and Eurasia, the Caucasus,
100+ Turkey, Afghanistan, China and surrounding territories

SPECIAL SECTIONS on Theoretical Approaches to Nationalism and Empire The Independence of Kosovo and Its Implications The War in Georgia and Its Implications

THEMATIC Panels on Islam and Politics, Genocide and Ethnic Violence, Anthropology of Identity, Citizenship and Nationality, Religion, Language Politics, Conflict Resolution, Autonomy, Gender, EU Integration, NATO Expansion, Diaspora Politics, International Law, and many more…

AWARDS for Best Doctoral Student Papers

SCREENING of Recent Films and Documentaries

The ASN Convention, the most attended internation…

Istorija Balkana: Digital Balkan History Source Online

This is a rapidly developing collection of e-books and sources, available only in a Serbo-Croatian interface.

This site requires free registration in order to view sources (See especially "Izvori ").
(Facsimiles, links and an online forum)

Self Description: Istorija Balkana™, kao prva virtuelna diskusiona zajednica posvećena istraživanjima balkanske istorije, nastala je krajem 2002. godine. Vremenom je postala gotovo nezaobilazni portal za izučavaoce prošlosti balkanskih naroda, nezavisno od njihovog akademskog statusa.

[Conference]32nd Annual International ACM SIGIR Conference

32nd Annual International ACM SIGIR Conference
Boston, MA, July 19-23 2009.

SIGIR is the major international forum for the presentation of new
research results and for the demonstration of new systems and techniques
in the field of information retrieval (IR).

Request for mentoring

The ACM Special Interest Group in Information Retrieval (ACM SIGIR)
offers a mentoring program for papers being submitted to the ACM SIGIR
2009 conference. If you would like help with your submission, you may
ask for a mentor: a person who will help you with your submission to the
SIGIR audience through one-to-one advising, usually via e-mail. A mentor
can also familiarize you with the standards and deadlines of SIGIR
submissions. He or she will also help you understand how to align your
paper with the expectations of the typical SIGIR reviewer. Mentors are
volunteers familiar with successful submissions.

Mentors are primarily available for full papers. To request a mentor…


This is for FYI only. I cannot vouch for the validity of information that is contained within this email that was sent out to a large email group of the Middle Eastern Librarians.

Date: Fri, 24 Oct 2008 12:34:20 +0200 (CEST)
From: Forum 18

24 October 2008


The Moscow-based publisher of "The Personality of a Muslim" by the
Arab theologian Muhammad Ali al-Hashimi, placed in December 2007 on the
list of banned extremist literature, is now facing criminal prosecution.
Aslambek Ezhayev told Forum 18 News Service the Economic Crimes Police
searched the publishing department offices at Moscow's Islamic University
for six hours on 8 October. "But it was clear from the beginning that
they weren't really looking for anything financial." Computers and books
were seized. The accounts were then deemed in order, but the materials
passed to the Prosecutor's Of…

South Slavic Literature Library

South Slavic Literature Library: Is a one stop online resource for the South Slavic Literature related queries. This resource now provides its user with wiki style access to the list of various bibliographies on the South Slavic Authors.

Welcome! Dobrodošli!
Virtual South Slavic Literature Library is a starting point for readers of on-line South Slavic literature. Spanning the Balkan states of Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Yugoslavia and Macedonia (from north to south) by virtue of language similarities, the library does not attempt to follow national borders but builds around a unique author index, underlining in this way the multicultural flair of the region. Please note that Bulgarian literature is not included in this library. For this topic, please consult Slovoto: Virtualna biblioteka za blgarska literatura. SSLL has the following structure:

WELCOME Intro News Guest Book Standards Knowledge base Tools Legend Contact Acknowl.
AUTHORS Authors' i…

The NewsLab Eurasia project at the University of Wisconsin-Madison

Site Self-Description: "The NewsLab Eurasia project" at the University of Wisconsin-Madison aims to create a unique digital archive of television news from
Russia, Central and Eastern Europe, and Central Asia.

Establishedwith funding from the University of Wisconsin-Madison International
, the Department of Political Science, the Center for Russia, East Europe, and Central Asia (CREECA) at the UW-Madison, and the Center for Russian, East European, and Eurasian Studies (CREEES) at the University of Texas at Austin, NewsLab Eurasia aims to be a valuable resource for scholars in the social sciences, as well as teachers and students of world languages.

The first phase of NewsLab Eurasia, NewsLab Russia, is now [Oct 2008 - ed.] on-line. In the future we plan to expand the scope of the project to digitally archive and code television news broadcasts from other parts of Eurasia and Central and Eastern Europe. Future projects may include news from Azerbaijan, Bosnia-Herzegovina…

[JOB]Editor-in-Chief, Human Rights Center (HRIDC), Tbilisi

Editor-in-Chief, Human Rights Center (HRIDC), Tbilisi

The Human Rights Center (HRIDC) is announcing a vacancy for the
full-time position of Editor in Chief.

Key roles and responsibilities:

* Provide his/her own news and editorial materials, articles to be
published in (In Georgian and in English);
* Edit online magazine
* Plan information policy and management of the magazine
* Cooperate closely with the magazine's strategic planning;
* Prepare analytical reports and journalistic investigations;
* Present monthly reports;
* Participate in the organization's other activities.


* University degree in Journalism;
* At least 2 years work experience in (media) management;
* An ability to write informational and analytical articles in
English in different fields such as social issues, human rights, etc.;
* Understanding of general principles and ethics of journalism;
* High energy and enthusiasm;
* Excellent writing ability in English;

[FELLOWSHIPS]Muskie Graduate Fellowship Program 2009

The Government of the United States of America is pleased to announce
the 2009 Edmund S. Muskie Graduate Fellowship Program (Muskie). The
deadline to submit the application for this program is October 31, 2008.

Established by the US Congress in 1992 to encourage economic and
democratic growth in Eurasia, the Edmund S. Muskie Graduate Fellowship
Program is a program of the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs
of the United States Department of State, and administered by IREX.
The program provides opportunities for graduate students and
professionals from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan,
Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine and
Uzbekistan for one-year non-degree, one-year degree or two-year degree
study in the United States.

All fellows will attend classes full-time for one to two years and
will be required to create and implement a project related to their
professional interests that benefits the local community. Fellows
will also be required to pa…

[Open Archives Initiative]Release of Version 1.0 Production OAI Object Reuse and

Self Description of the Project: The Open Archives Initiative develops and promotes interoperability standards that aim to facilitate the efficient dissemination of content. OAI has its roots in the open access and institutional repository movements. Continued support of this work remains a cornerstone of the Open Archives program. Over time, however, the work of OAI has expanded to promote broad access to digital resources for eScholarship, eLearning, and eScience.

Release of Version 1.0 Production OAI Object Reuse and
Exchange Specifications

The full copy of this Press Release is at

Over the past two years the Open Archives Initiative(OAI), in a project called Object Reuse and Exchange (OAI-ORE), has gathered international experts from the publishing, web, library, repository, and
eScience communities to develop standards for the identification and description of aggregations of Web resources.

These standards provide t…

[CFP] The Society for Imaging Science and Technology

IS&T is pleased to announce the Archiving 2009 Call for Papers. The
deadline for submitting presentation abstracts for Archiving 2009, to
be held May 4-7, 2009 in Arlington, VA., is December 21, 2008. A PDF
of the Call for Papers can be found at

Paper proposals should be submitted according to the process described at

The IS&T Archiving Conference brings together a unique community of
imaging novices and experts from libraries, archives, records
management, and information technology institutions to discuss and
explore the expanding field of digital archiving and preservation.
Attendees from around the world represent industry, academia,
governments, and cultural heritage institutions. The conference
presents the latest research results on archiving, provides a forum to
explore new strategies and policies, and reports on successful projects
that can serve as benchmarks in the fie…

[UCLA Slavic] Bogdan Suceava will discuss, "Confronting the Past in Contemporary Romanian Literature"

On October 21, 2008: Confronting the Past in Contemporary Romanian Literature

Reading and discussion with
Bogdan Suceava
California State University, Fullerton

Tuesday, October 21, 5:00 pm
Physics and Astronomy Building 2748

Author Bogdan Suceava will discuss aspects of the recent past in Romanian society as reflected in his work. The short story Grandpa Got Back to French (transl. Sean Cotter) will be the centerpiece of the discussion.

Bogdan Suceava is the author of four novels and two collections of short stories. His works have received several awards and nominations in Romania, and selected writings have been translated into English, French, German, Hungarian, and Russian. His fiction explores, among other themes, the transition of Romanian society from communism to post-communism. His most recent novel, published in 2007, is entitled ‘Miruna, A Tale’, and explores the heritage of Romanian traditional culture and society.

Sponsored by the Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures a…

Lib.Ru: Библиотека Максима Мошкова

Lib.Ru: Библиотека Максима Мошкова is an excellent online reference tool for Russian Literature. This site is also supported by the Russian Federal Agency on Publishing and Public Movie Studios.

The Library opened its doors on the net in 1994. Here is the link:

Self-Description as of August 23, 2008: 23 aug 06. 5.5Gb. Самая известная в Рунете www-библиотека, открыта в 1994. Авторы и читатели ежедневно пополняют ее. Художественная литература, фантастика и политика, техдокументация и юмор, история и поэзия, КСП и русский рок, туризм и парашютизм, философия и эзотерика, и т.д. и т.п.

[JOBS-]Journalism, European Studies, Philosophy at American Univ of Central Asia

American University of Central Asia seeks individuals to fill the following

Chair of the Journalism Department

Requirements to candidates:
- Advanced academic degree;
- Operational experience as a program chair or teacher in higher
education for not less than 3 years;
- Excellent analytical and organizational skills;
- Knowledge of distinctive features of the American education system;
- Fluency in English and Russian;
- Excellent computer skills;
- Excellent communication skills.

Candidates who have studied journalism abroad or received training in
journalism abroad are especially encouraged to apply for the position.

Salary will be based on experience and qualifications. Interested
candidates should submit a cover letter and resume. Applications will
be considered until the position is filled. Please email documents to:

Professor of European Studies

Requirements to candidates:
- Academic degree (Master's degree , Ph.D candidate or Ph.D);
- Operati…

American Translators Association-SlavFile Fall 08 Issue

The fall 2008 issue of the SlavFile has been posted to the website of the Slavic Languages Division of the ATA


-- A tribute to Marijan Boskovic
-- Rendering punctuation in E>R translation (in Russian)
-- ATA conference preview
-- Training interpreter trainers
-- An interview with Anthony Briggs
-- Translating A.A. Milne's "Happiness"
-- SlavFile Lite
-- Review of the 2007 Susana Greiss Lecture by James West
-- Dictionary column on buying used dictionaries
-- Review of free CAT tool
-- Slovenian Poetry
-- Orlando SLD banquet reservation form

Lydia Stone and Nora Favorov
Editor and Associate Editor of SlavFile

[Job Posting]Assistant Professor of Russian Studies (Tenure-Track)

Assistant Professor of Russian Studies (Tenure-Track)

The College of Wooster is pleased to announce the opening of a search to fill a tenure-track position in Russian Studies:

RUSSIAN STUDIES “ Assistant Professor of Russian Studies". Tenure-track position, beginning Fall 2009. The successful candidate will be expected to teach Russian language at all levels (with an emphasis on beginning and intermediate), and participate in the College's interdisciplinary programs, including First-Year Seminar. Candidates must be able to offer Russian studies courses that contribute to offerings in one or more departments or interdisciplinary programs.
These interdisciplinary offerings might include, but are not limited to, courses in comparative literature, cultural studies, environmental studies, gender studies, ethnic and post-colonial studies, film studies, music and theater. The successful candidate must have the vision and energy to manage and shape an established interdisciplinary ma…

On-line Journal Kultura : Issue #4 Now on the net

kultura #4

Subject and contents of the present issue:

Guest Editor: Valeriya D. Stelmakh (Moscow)

The Decline and Reconstruction of the Russian Library Network

Book Saturation and Book Starvation. The Difficult Road to a Modern
Library System

Valeriya D. Stelmakh (Moscow)

The Right to Information - A Right that Cannot be Exercised throughout
the Country.
Margarita M. Samokhina (Moscow)

Many Reasons for Visiting the Library. A Glance at the Yekaterinburg
Regional Library 10
Valentina P. Zhivaeva (Yekaterinburg)

Villages without Access Roads and Libraries without Telephones. Rural
Libraries in Russia 13
Yuliya P. Melentyeva (Moscow)

Help and Support - Neighbourliness - A Window on the World. Three of
the Best Village Libraries in Bryansk Oblast 17
Olga Yu. Kulikova (Bryansk)

The Internet URL for the c…

[DigLib] Major Library Partners Launch HathiTrust Shared Digital Repository

There's an Elephant in the Library; Organizers Promise It Will Never Forget

A group of the nation's largest research libraries are collaborating to create a repository of their vast digital collections, including millions of books, organizers announced today. These holdings will be archived and preserved in a single repository called the HathiTrust. Materials in the public domain will be available for reading online.

Launched jointly by the 12-university consortium known as the Committee on Institutional Cooperation (CIC) and the 11 university libraries of the University of California system, the HathiTrust leverages the time-honored commitment to preservation and access to information that university libraries have valued for centuries. UC's participation will be coordinated by the California Digital Library (CDL), which brings its deep and innovative experience in digital curation and online scholarship to the HathiTrust.

"This effort combines the expertise and resour…

[Conf.]Featuring the Digital Future - seminar on mass digitization

Featuring the Digital Future - seminar on mass digitization, scholar collaboration, and managing the content of digital collections, Helsinki, Finland, 20th November, 2008

Organizer: The International Relations Group of the Finnish Research Library Association

Venue: House of the Learned Societies, Lecture Hall 104, ground floor Street address: Kirkkokatu 6, 00170 Helsinki

Purpose of the Seminar
The purpose of the Seminar is to give insights into the role of libraries in creating the digital future, enhancing access to knowledge by making printed collections available and easily accessible on the web, and to explore and discuss the role the library users as creators of digital contents.

Target Group: Librarians, information specialists, students of information studies, scholars, researchers

Registration fees:
Members of the Association 95 euro + vat 22% Non-members of the Association 150 euro + vat 22%

Registration …

CFP["'Neo-Eurasianism,' the 'Conservative Revolution,' and the 'New Right' in Post-Soviet Russia" - a special issue

"'Neo-Eurasianism,' the 'Conservative Revolution,' and the 'New Right' in Post-Soviet Russia" - a special issue of "Forum noveishchei vostochnoevropeiskoi istorii i kul'tury" (

Deadline for non-Russian papers (yet to be translated): 31 December 2008.
Deadline for Russian-language papers: 31 January 2009.
Deadline for submission of edited final version: 30 March 2009.

ZIMOS, the Eichstaett Institute for Central and East European Studies in Bavaria, invites research papers for a 2009 special issue of its interdisciplinary Russian-language web journal "Forum for Contemporary East European History and Culture" (vol. 6). The Russian "Forum" has been published twice per year, since 2004, as a scholarly WWW periodical supplementing ZIMOS's printed German-language "Forum für osteuropäische Ideen- und Zeitgeschichte."

We are looking for properly footnoted, scholarly r…

[CFP]CONF./CFP - 16th Annual ACES Central Eurasian Studies Conference, Indiana University

The Association of Central Eurasian Students (ACES) at Indiana University

CONF./CFP - 16th Annual ACES Central Eurasian Studies Conference, Indiana University

Saturday, 28 February 2009

Submission Deadline 28 November 2008

ACES invites panel and individual paper proposals for the Sixteenth Annual Central Eurasian Studies Conference to be held Saturday, 28 February 2009 at Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana.

Graduate students, professors, and independent scholars are cordially invited to submit abstracts of papers addressing all topics pertaining to Central Eurasian Studies.

Central Eurasian Studies is defined for the purposes of this conference as the study of the historical and contemporary Afghan, Balto-Finnic, Hungarian, Mongolic, Persian, Tibetan, Tungusic, and Turkic peoples, languages, cultures, and states.

All proposals will be subject to a highly selective review procedure.

The 2009 conference will play host to a small number of focused panels, and will include a roundtable di…

[CFP] Soyuz Symposium: Global Socialisms and Postsocialisms, Yale U., Apr. 24-26, 2009

Call For Papers- Soyuz Symposium: Global Socialisms and Postsocialisms, Yale U., Apr. 24-26, 2009

Global Socialisms and Postsocialisms

Soyuz Annual Symposium
April 24-26, 2009
Department of Anthropology
Yale University
New Haven, CT

The theme of this year's annual Soyuz symposium will be "Global Socialisms and Postsocialisms." We invite ethnographically informed and theoretically innovative papers that explore the ways in which socialist and postsocialist areas of the world are implicated in all manner of global and transnational processes. We are particularly interested in papers that explore dynamics other than the common--albeit important--story of global or transnational projects arriving in and transforming formerly socialist populations. How should we understand the flow of people, objects, concepts, and linguistic and cultural forms among and out of socialist and postsocialist states, rather than simply into them from "the West"?
How have socialist and postsoc…

[Slavic] Dmitrii Bykov will speak at the UCLA's Slavic Department

Next Wednesday on October 15, 2008 The Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures at UCLA, will be hosting Dmitrii Bykov -- the author of over 15 publications, including three novels, eight compilations of poetry, two collections of essays, a children’s book written together with his wife, and a biography of Boris Pasternak.

This is your very unique chance to meet a bestselling Russian author and to ask him questions about Russia!

His novels are an intricate combination of real historic facts and fantasy: His novel “Оправдание” ( Discharge) portrays Stalin’s political prisoners being sent to special camps to become supermen.
A love story between a Moscow girl and a possible alien from another planet who tries to save her family from terrorists in Moscow is depicted in another book, “Evacuator”
Bykov has written a biography of Dr Zhivago by Boris Pasternak, which won the Big Book Prize, and a political satire entitled How Putin became the President of the USA. His book Live Souls was …

Czech Electronic Library: Full text

I stumbled upon this resource by sheer accident. I wanted to share this wonderful resource with my colleagues, friends and readers.

Self-Description:"Our primary objective was to collect first editions of poetry from the outset of modern poetry written in Czech to the time of its full florescence with the aim to save and preserve the corpus of Czech poetry of 19th century in the form of electronic library. We believe that the electronic database showing comprehensive (and thus new) picture of Czech poetry of 19th century will serve researchers, students and laymen interested in poetry, and at the same time we hope that the tools of electronic library will promote new forms of research".


[U.S.] Free Online Course: Congress in the Classroom Online

Online Course: Congress in the Classroom Online

September 12, 2007, marked the official debut of The Dirksen Congressional Center's new online version of Congress in the Classroom® - - an award-winning course for teachers. This improved version of the course uses a more interactive approach, featuring many options to engage you (and the instructor) in the course materials.

Congress in the Classroom® Online will help you understand today's Congress and suggest ways to teach about it. The self-paced online course is organized around the twin responsibilities of Congress members: representation and lawmaking. There are twenty individual units on such topics as "What Makes for Effective Members of Congress?" "How Representative is the Membership of Congress?" and "Lawmaking: Understanding the Basics."

Do you teach social studies, American government, American history, or civics? Are your lessons about the U.S. Congress o…

[CFP]Center for Russian and East European Studies at University of Pittsburgh Graduate Organization for the Study of Europe and Central Asia Call

University of Pittsburgh

Graduate Organization for the Study of Europe and Central Asia

Center for Russian and East European Studies present:

Ties that Bind and Ties that Divide: Cultural, Economic and Political Linkages in Eastern Europe, Russia and Central Asia

Sixth Annual Graduate Student Conference

20-22 February 2009

GOSECA outlined in our 2007 conference on globalization, regionalism and multiculturalism that belonging to a certain collectivity can bring with it privilege, pride, and power today, but disadvantage, disrepute and dismemberment tomorrow. This year's conference is motivated by questioning this notion of linkages. While many conferences focus on the transcendence of borders and the remapping of regions, we seek to further this theme by exploring how these relationships link, yet often simultaneously divide people.

Solidarity, a cross-regional, macro-level phenomenon, also operates at the local levels between ethnic groups, sub-regions and cities.
Regions may share a r…


Duke University's Department of Slavic and Eurasian Studies invites
applications for its Master of Arts program for Fall 2009. This
two-year program prepares students for further academic study in a
regionally related discipline as well as careers in business,
government, journalism, and nonprofit work.


Master's students at Duke may elect to concentrate in 1) Russian
literature and culture; 2) Slavic linguistics; or 3) Eurasian
studies. Our program aims to develop students' proficiency in a
variety of languages (we offer Bosnian-Croatian-Serbian, Hungarian,
Pashto, Persian, Polish, Romanian, Russian, and Turkish) and to offer
them training in the wide-ranging fields of our faculty expertise,
which include area and cultural studies, art history, cultural
anthropology, gender studies, history, linguistics, media and film,
performing arts history, theater studies, and aspects of comparative
literature, literary theor…

The new issue of The Silk Road, Vol. 6, No. 1 (Summer 2008).

The new issue of The Silk Road, Vol. 6, No. 1 (Summer 2008). The pdf file of this semi-annual publication of the Silkroad Foundation may be accessed at:

Contents of This Issue:

From the Editor's Desktop: Museums, Entrepreneurship and the Politics
of Cultural Identity, by Daniel C. Waugh

China and Islamic Civilization: Exchange of Techniques and Scientific
Ideas, by George Saliba

On the Road: Caravan Routes of Iran, by Frank and Ruth Harold

Some Buddhist Finds from Khotan: Materials in the Collections of the
State Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg, by Julia Elikhina

The Buddhist Monuments of Adjina-tepa, by Vera Fominikh

The Power of Dharma: The Mongols' Approaches to Reviving
Buddhism in Mongolia, by Vesna A. Wallace

Representations: Buddhism in the Cinema during Socialism in
Mongolia, by Manduhai Buyandelger

The Tea Horse Road, by Jeff Fuchs

Book notice: A. M. Leskov, The Maikop Treasure

The journal welcomes contribu…