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A Complete Guide to Russian Language Radio Stations on the Web-Courtesy of Akado.Ru

Russian Radio Links: A Comprehensive Guide

This is a Adobe's Macromedia flash player page (.swf file) that has been embedded in my blog. If you want to listen to any of the radio stations, please scroll the image and click on the radio station that you want to hear. Before launching the radio station, please stop the currently playing Buriat music on the right. Thanks.Enjoy the Music. This was the first instance when I was able to load .swf file for my readers.

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Newspapers from Georgia Online

I want to bring to my readers attention various online titles of newspapers and journals in Georgian, Russian and English languages that are being published in Republic of Georgia. You might have to download and install Georgian true-type fonts here-

The Georgian times Daily News Online

Kvali Online Magazine


Svobodnaia Gruziia=Free Georgia

Georgia Today

Messenger Online

Sarke Information Agency, Tbilisi

Font Information

Putin's Interview on August 28th, 2008-Excerpt


Putin's Interview on August 28th, 2008-Excerpt

Членство России в "восьмерке" не может оплачиваться жизнями граждан, уверен Владимир ПутинСсылка:

Hungary: Open Access Digital Sources

The Institute for the History of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution Digital Collection

Self-Description of the Institute:
The Institute for the History of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution (hereafter 1956 Institute) considers itself primarily the successor of the Imre Nagy Institute of Sociology and Politics, which operated in Brussels between 1959 and 1963, and of other western emigrant organizations and writers that maintained the inheritance of the Hungarian Revolution for more than three decades.


Neumann Kht. has been one of the leading Internet content developers in Hungary since 1997. Neumann Kht. developments aim to facilitate digital publication, availability and utilization of the data properties of the cultural sector as well as the public sphere. We have been setting up a content infrastructure with the intent of securing broader public access to the information kept in stores, data bases, cellars and attics and to transfo…

"White Paper" on Character Set Standardisation for Early Cyrillic Writing after Unicode 5.1

The Special Commission on the Computer-Supported Processing of Medieval Slavonic Manuscripts and Early Printed Books to the International Committee of Slavists has prepared a "White Paper" on Character Set Standardization for Early Cyrillic Writing after Unicode 5.1, in advance of the 14th International Congress of Slavists next month.

This is in part a response to the "Proposal", with which many will be familiar, that originated at the conference held at the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts in Belgrade on 15-17 October 2007, but is also intended to have a much wider application as a review of the current state of Unicode and a statement of its design principles with particular reference to the needs of Slavonic medievalists. It covers topics such as the relationship between character set and font technologies, possible need for further expansion of the early Cyrillic character inventory in Unicode and strategies for meeting the encoding needs of Slavic medieva…

The Open Content Alliance and Libraries Going Open!

August 27, 2008

I did not know to what topic, I should dedicate by 100th post. I wanted to post something that will be relevant for our colleagues in the Eastern Europe and Russian Federation. I think that the Open Content Alliance of Libraries represents an alternate way of disseminating information in an open access environment. It is not the negation of various access pricing models, but it should be evaluated as an alternate way to various other pricing models that currently exist in our field of Information Studies.

As we know today, the Open Content Alliance named Maura Marx as First Executive Director of the Open Content Alliance

Ms. Marx will move to the OCA from the Boston Public Library, where she most recently founded the Digital Library Program and was instrumental in evolving the Library’s philosophy toward Open Content principles.
Read the whole announcement.

The Open Content Alliance is an association of approximately 100 cultural
and academic institutions, wor…

Making the History of 1989

Announcement and Self-Description

The Center for History and New Media at George Mason University is
pleased to announce the launch of a new website on the collapse of
Communism in Eastern Europe in 1989.

The site, Making the History of 1989 (, offers students, teachers, and
scholars access to hundreds of primary sources on or related to the
events of 1989 and the end of the Cold War in Europe, interviews with
prominent historians, and a series of resources for teachers at both
the high school and college level. As with all resources created by
our Center, all the resources contained in Making the History of 1989
are and will remain free and open access.

If you have questions about
this project, please contact the project's Executive Producer, T.
Mills Kelly ( This project has been made possible by
the generous support of the National Endowment for the Humanities and
the German Historical Institute (Washington, D.C.).

Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship Program for U.S. Undergraduates

Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship Program

Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship Program

Spring 2009 Application Open - Deadline: October 7, 2008

The Gilman International Scholarship Program provides awards of up to $5,000 for U.S. undergraduate students to study abroad for up to one academic year. The program aims to diversify the kinds of student who study abroad and the countries and regions where they go. The program serves students who have been under-represented in study abroad which includes but is not limited to: students with high financial need, community college students, students in under-represented fields such as the sciences and engineering, students from diverse ethnic backgrounds, students attending minority-serving institutions, and students with disabilities. The Gilman Program seeks to assist students from a diverse range and type of two-year and four-year public and private institutions from all 50 states.

The Gilman Program is pleased to announce a…

Medvedev vs Sakashvilli Interviews by Al-Jazeera

Just for FYI. For the sake of Information Literacy. No ideologies on my part involved. Please make up your own mind. After all the whole world seems inter-textual and con-textual..

al-Jazeera talks to Dmitry Medvedev - 26 Aug 08

al-Jazeera interviews Georgia's president - 16 Aug 08

Democracy at work? I am bit confused...Older 2006 clip.

A better clip..Just Wait!!

Selected Russian Federation Government Online Sources

The Presidential Site

The Government of Russia

Priority Projects of Russian Government = Приоритетные национальные проекты

Gosuderstvennaia Duma= Duma

Ministry of Justice

Russian Census of 2002

University Publishing In A Digital Age: ITHAKA Report Released.

Report on University Publishing Released.

Scholars have a vast range of opportunities to distribute their work, from setting up web pages or blogs, to posting articles to working paper websites or institutional repositories, to including them in peer-reviewed journals or books. In American colleges and universities, access to the internet and World Wide Web is ubiquitous; consequently nearly all intellectual effort results in some form of “publishing”. Yet universities do not treat this function as an important, mission-centric endeavor. The result has been a scholarly publishing industry that many in the university community find to be increasingly out of step with the important values of the academy.

This paper argues that a renewed commitment to publishing in its broadest sense can enable universities to more fully realize the potential global impact of their academic programs, enhance the reputations of their institutions, maintain a strong voice in determining what…

Voting America : United States Politics 1840-2008

Although not directly linked to our Slavic Studies Librarianship posting, I have nevertheless decided to post this important digital resource for my readers in various parts of world.

The Digital Scholarship Lab at the University of Richmond has unveiled
its online project "Voting America United States Politics, 1840-2004" :

Voting America provides cinematic & interactive maps, and analysis, of
the Presidential elections in the US from 1840-2004. This unique
resource focuses on election data to the county level (rather than
state), helping users understand the nuances of our electoral history.
It allows for users to compare elections as well as recognize the
significance of individual elections by geographic region, political
party, voter turnout, voter demographics, and more in a stimulating,
visual environment.

Russian Pacific-- Asia-Pacific Economic Update 2007

Asia-Pacific Economic Update 2007 has been prepared and released by U.S. Pacific Command

I extremely impressed by the fact that Russian Pacific Rim Region was included in this economic update.

For my readers, I briging fort some of the open-access archival material that can be used in their research.

Volume I
File size: 5.6 MB
Table of Contents

1-00 Executive Summary
1-01 Global Context
1-02 Asian Context
1-03 U.S. and Asia
1-04 China Strong or Weak?
1-05 Shared Prosperity in Greater China
1-06 China Chapter
1-07 Japan Chapter
1-08 Russia Chapter
1-09 Republic of Korea Chapter
1-10 North Korea Chapter
1-11 Mongolia Chapter

Volume II
File size: 4.9 MB

Executive Summary
Chapter 1: Bangladesh
Chapter 2: India
Chapter 3: Nepal
Chapter 4: Sri Lanka
Chapter 5: Brunei
Chapter 6: Burma (Myanmar)
Chapter 7: Cambodia
Chapter 8: Indonesia
Chapter 9: Laos
Chapter 10: Malaysia
Chapter 11: Philippines
Chapter 12: Singapore
Chapter 13: Thailand
Chapter 14: Vietnam
Chapter 15: East Timor
Chapter 16: Australia
Chapter 17: Fiji

In Defense of Mikhail Shishkin: My 2 Cents --Inter-textuality and Cannibalization of the prose

In Defense of Mikhail Shishkin: My 2 Cents --Inter-textuality and Cannibalization of the prose

I was shocked by the reporting by the Moscow Times writer-reporter Viktor Sonkin that was published in April of 2006 in the section called “Context” in the column called “Salon” that was titled , “Mikhail Shishkin, one of Russia's most prominent writers, has been accused of plagiarism. But is it legitimate for a postmodernist author to use other people's texts as "building blocks" in his work?
I could not really understand the meaning of the accusations. I personally believe that the writer of this column was perhaps not aware of the trend that is called Brazilian Antropophagia. It is an idea of a literary genre that evolved in Brazil at the turn of the last century that alludes to the fact that we are what we eat (of course not literally speaking). To explicate the point further, I would argue that Mikhail Shishkin had every right to in-corporate materials from Panova’s me…

Call for Papers : Constructing Nation: From Modernity to the New Millennium

The Department of Germanic and Slavic Languages and Literatures at the University of Colorado at Boulder invites abstracts for papers on the topic:

Constructing Nation: From Modernity to the New Millennium

March 13-14, 2009

To focus possible approaches to the nexus of problems associated with this topic we call for papers on the following topics:

- The EU and Other Configurations

- Nations and Security

- Imagined Communities

- Nation, Utopia, and Dystopia

- Nations, Borders, Frontiers

- Transnational Contexts

- Gendered Constructions of Nation

- Queering Nation

- Nations and Othering

- National Cinema(s)

- National Mythologies

- Migration and Nation

- Nations and Modernities

- Imperial/Colonial Imaginations

- Violence in the Name of Nation

Please send a 250-word abstract (no finished papers please) and a 2-page cv to as Word or RTF document no later than…

Libraries in Belarus

Адреса белорусских библиотек = Web Addresses of Belorussian Libraries

I have assembled a brief compilation of the web addresses for the Belorussian Libraries. Any additional information would be really appreciated

1. Национальная библиотека РБ
2. Белорусская библиотечная ассоциация
4. Республиканская научно-медицинская библиотека
5. Белорусская сельскохозяйственная библиотека
6. Фундаментальная библиотека БГУ
7. Республиканская научно-техническая библиотека

8. Брестская областная библиотека
9. Могилевская областная библиотека
10. Библиотека Гомельского государственного университета

1st International Conference on Language Documentation and Conservation (ICLDC): Call for Proposals deadline September 15

1st International Conference on Language Documentation and Conservation: Supporting Small Languages Together.

Honolulu, Hawai'i, March 12-14, 2009

It has been a decade since Himmelmann's article on language documentation
appeared and focused the field into thinking in terms of creating a
lasting record of a language that could be used by speakers as well as by
academics. This conference aims to assess what has been achieved in the
past decade and what the practice of language documentation within
linguistics has been and can be. It has become apparent that there is too
much for a linguist alone to achieve and that language documentation
requires collaboration. This conference will focus on the theme of
collaboration in language documentation and revitalization and will
include sessions on interdisciplinary topics.


* Nikolaus Himmelmann, University of Munster
* Leanne Hinton, UC Berkeley
* Paul Newman, Indiana University, University of …

Svoboda Ukrainian Newspaper Online

Svoboda Online

СВОБОДА заснована у 1893 році в США. Вона є найстаршою у світі україномовною газетою що видається безперервно. Архів Свободи - це унікальне джерело інформації з історії українства. Ми працюємо над тим, щоб помістити всі числа газети на інтернет. Підтримайте цей коштовний проект ставши передплатником.

Current Issue:

Archival Copies Online

Visnyk Online: Periodical of the Ukrainian Canadian Congress in Saskatoon, Canada

Ukrainian Canadian Congress and Visnyk Online

I was pleasantly surprised to discover an important Ukrainian diaspora publication from Canada. I am currently in the process of compiling a web based bibliography of Ukrainian diaspora periodical publications that have web based presences and pertain to the open-access category.

I personally believe that Ukrainian diaspora has valiantly preserved the traditions of historic Ukraine. As an American of South Asian - Indian descent, my hats off are to them for preserving not only the culture, but the language and cohesion. Any help from Ukrainian diaspora community would be appreicated in locating of these web based resources.

Readers can access Visnyk Online at

Roundtable on the Conflict in Georgia at Harvard, August 27th

CENTRAL ASIA SEMINAR- Roundtable on the Conflict in Georgia, Wed., Aug. 27

Central Asia and Caucasus Seminar

Roundtable on the Current Conflict between Georgia and Russia

Date: Wed., Aug. 27, 2008
Time: 4:15-6:00.

Roundtable Panelists:

Timothy Colton (Director, Davis Center for Russian and Eurasian Studies, Harvard U.) Julie George (Queens College, City University of New York) Thomas W. Simons, Jr. (Visiting Scholar, Davis Center, Harvard U.) Monica Duffey Toft (Associate Professor of Public Policy, Kennedy School of Government, Harvard U.) John Schoeberlein (Director of the Program on Central Asia and the Caucasus, Davis Center, Harvard U.)

CGIS South, Room S-354
1730 Cambridge Street, 3rd Floor
Harvard University
Cambridge, Mass.

The roundtable discussion will consider the current conflict between Georgia and Russia from the perspectives of Georgian and Russian politics, and the politics of relations within the region and with the West.

Open to the public.

Sponsored by:

Program on Central Asia an…

Effectively Disclose Archives and Special Collections Program

Effectively Disclose Archives and Special Collections Program by OCLC

Self-Description: Problem statement: Special collections materials are of increasing interest and importance. As materials from the general stacks become more ubiquitous (through "mass" digitization projects and as institutions move towards joint ownership of books and journals), special collections may become what defines a library collection. With the shift in importance, it's a good time for an examination of the end-to-end process that results in archival and special collections materials being delivered to interested users. The overarching goal is to achieve economies and efficiencies that permit these materials to be effectively described, properly disclosed, successfully discovered and appropriately delivered.

Impact: Achieving control over these collections in an economic fashion will mean that current resources can have a broader impact or be invested elsewhere in other activities. The near-ter…

Fellowships and Grants in East European Studies For US Scholars and Graduate Students

Fellowships and Grants in East European Studies

Support is once again available from Title VIII for language study and research related to all East European countries:
Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Kosovo/a, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, and Slovenia.

U.S. graduate students and scholars studying any of these countries are welcome to apply.

Funding is provided by the U.S. Department of State under the Research and Training for Eastern Europe and the Independent States of the Former Soviet Union Act of 1983, as amended (Title VIII).

Dissertation fellowships: For graduate students at U.S. universities who have completed all requirements for the PhD except the dissertation

* research fellowships for use in Eastern Europe
* writing fellowships for writing the dissertation in the United
States after research is complete.

Early-career postdoctoral fellowships: For scholars before tenure, …

Online Open Access Russian Language Journals and Portals

Zhurnal'nii Zal= Galore of Journals

This resource provides access to full-texts of current issues and full-text archives of many informative journals that are currently being published in Russian Federation. For example, we as users can access the following journals and their archives:
Hovyi mir
Druzhba narodov
Inostrannaia literatura


"Журнальный зал" (ЖЗ) является некоммерческим литературным интернет-проектом, представляющим деятельность русских толстых литературно-художественных и гуманитарных журналов, выходящих в России и за рубежом.

ЖЗ создавался в 1995-96 годах, как своеобразная интернет-федерация нескольких толстых литературных журналов, договорившихся выставляться в Сети вместе. В процессе работы ЖЗ определилась концепция сайта - представление феномена русской толсто-журнальной литературы в сегодняшнем ее состоянии как явления, прежде всего, эстетического. На практике это означало, что ЖЗ, пополняя свой состав, не может включать в свой соста…

U.S. Department of State: Declassified Materials-Soviet Union; 1964-1968.

Volume XIV : Foreign Relations, 1964-1968 Soviet Union

Editors: David C. Humphrey; Charles S. Sampson

General Editor: David S. Patterson

United States Government Printing Office Washington, DC, 2001


Office of the Historian
Bureau of Public Affairs
For sale by the U.S. Government Printing Office
Superintendent of Documents,
Mail Stop: SSOP
Washington, DC 20402-9328

Volume Summary


Johnson Administration Volumes

Sources for Foreign Relations of the United States 1964-1968, Volume XIV, Soviet Union



Index to Print Volumes

Opening Moves: The Johnson Administration and the Kremlin: January-October 1964

12/31/63-2/11/64 : Documents 1-10

2/19/64-3/25/64: Documents 1-18

3/26/64-4/17/64 Documents 19-28

4/21/64-7/7/64 : Documents 29-38

Khrushchev's Downfall and Its Consequences: October 1964

10/15/64-10/17/64 : Documents 51 through 59

10/18/64-10/31/66: Documents 60-66

Starting Over With the New Regime: November 1964-February 1965


U.S. Department of State-Declassfied Materials on Soviet Union, January 1969-October 1970 (Volume XII)

U.S. Department of State in 2006 had released several volumes of declassified materials that related to the Soviet- U.S. relationship. These volumes are an excellent source of information about the behind the scenes manuevering on diplomatic fronts.

These are open-access materials in English. I am posting links to the full-text documents for informational purposes. Please do leave your comments for me.If you know of any such release by the MID of SSSR, please send me the links to it so that I can post it on my blog. Thank you!

Volume XII

Foreign Relations, 1969-1976
Soviet Union, January 1969-October 1970

Editor: Erin R. Mahan

General Editor: Edward C. Keefer

United States Government Printing Office, Washington, 2006



Abbreviations and Terms


Note on U.S. Covert Actions

The entire volume can be downloaded to your hard-drive or USB key at this link below:

Initial Contacts, …

PERSISTENCE OF MEMORY: Sustaining Digital Collections

PERSISTENCE OF MEMORY: Sustaining Digital Collections
DECEMBER 9-10, 2008
InterContinental Chicago Hotel
Chicago, Illinois

PRESENTED BY the Northeast Document Conservation Center
CO-SPONSORED BY Society of American Archivists, American Library
Association, and Center for Research Libraries

TAUGHT BY A FACULTY OF NATIONAL EXPERTS, this two-day conference on digital
longevity provides information about the latest developments in digital
preservation to help you with the life-cycle management of your
institution's collections.

from the same institution at the same time for $340 each.


of Persistence of Memory:

WOULD YOU LIKE TO RECEIVE current information about NEDCC's pro…

3rd International Conference: "Perspectives on Slavistics" in Hamburg

Open Access at the Russian National Library: Шедевры коллекций

Russian National Libraryhas a page on the treasures from its collection that has been digitized can be read on-line.

There are several notable works that are thus freely available to various users. Some notable examples are Ostromirovo Evangelie = Ostromirov Gospel 1056-1057 CE.

The Russian National Library web-site also hosts partial open access electronic library that can be accessed and the database of holdings at the following link: I tried to access some of the newly digitized arrivals, and I was asked for the library card number for the authentication purposes.

The electronic library also has fully digitized images of first Russian newspaper "Vedmosti" that according to the self-description of the library was published beginning 1702 by the decree of the Peter the Great.

Self-description for Vedomosti: "16 декабря 1702 года Петр I подписал указ о начале издания в России первой русской печатной газеты «Ведомости». «Ведомости» состояли …

Update from

США признали, что под Цхинвали была разбита американская армия

Американцы признали, что фактически в Южной Осетии была разбита не грузинская, а американская армия. Дело в том, что её инструктора четыре года работали над её подготовкой к агрессии против российских граждан. Однако США отказались помочь Саакашвили, поскольку истинная цель новой кавказской игры совсем иная.

читать статью полностью

Southern Ossetia III: Update from Stratfor: The Russo-Georgian War and the Balance of Power

I am providing this report as FYI using the Fair Academic Use doctrine. This report does not reflect my analysis or my opinions in any form or way.

This report may be forwarded or republished on your website with attribution to

The Russo-Georgian War and the Balance of Power
August 12, 2008 | 1508 GMT

By George Friedman
Related Special Topic Pages

* Crisis in South Ossetia
* U.S. Weakness and Russia’s Window of Opportunity
* Kosovo, Russia and the West

The Russian invasion of Georgia has not changed the balance of power in Eurasia. It simply announced that the balance of power had already shifted. The United States has been absorbed in its wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as potential conflict with Iran and a destabilizing situation in Pakistan. It has no strategic ground forces in reserve and is in no position to intervene on the Russian periphery. This, as we have argued, has opened a window …

Call for Papers: Collection: Escaping Transition. Narratives of Post-Communism in Bulgaria and Romania

Collection: Escaping Transition. Narratives of Post-Communism in
Bulgaria and Romania
Edited by Lilya Kaganovsky and Miglena Ivanova
Abstract Deadline: 15 September 2008

The recent Romanian film, "4 Months, 3 Weeks, and 2 Days" (dir.
Mungiu, 2007), shows us a day in the life of two women, Otilia
(Anamaria Marinca) and Gabita (Laura Vasiliu), as they prepare for and
handle the consequences of an illegal abortion, during the last years
of the Ceausescu regime. Set in 1987 the film, as Iona Uricaru has
pointed out, is part of “a new historiographic tendency in post-
socialist Romania that seeks to testify about the past without
vehemence or nostalgia.”

We seek essays of 6,000 to 8,000 words for a collection that explores
the post-1989 cultural landscapes in Bulgaria and Romania as reflected
in literature and film, music and popular culture, the fine and
performing arts. We welcome submissions that focus on post-1989
reevaluations of Bulgaria and Romania’s literary and cultural cano…