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UCLA Library RSS Feeds-Web 2.0 Saga Continues...

RSS Feeds Beta
The UCLA Library is testing the second iteration of a beta version of RSS feeds and a Customized Feeds Wizard to deliver notifications to users about items recently added to library collections. UCLA students, faculty, and staff are invited to evaluate the service and offer feedback.
RSS Beta provides feeds for nearly eighty subjects based on a combination of call numbers and keywords; the subjects are also correlated with UCLA departments and programs.
Feedback can be submitted via an online form. The service will be evaluated and modified and new features implemented over the coming months.
Important Update
On January 2, 2008, Option B Feeds was discontinued. Please subscribe to similar feeds from Option A to replace Option B feeds.
The decision to discontinue the Option B feeds was based on user feedback and usage statistics. Future plans include adding feeds to cover all UCLA disciplines and enabling users to create customized feeds. Further information is available …

Dostoevsky and his reasons for making Myshkin a prince: A thougt-piece by Liladhar Pendse

“Once you honoured me with your confidence. It may be that you have completely forgotten me now. How is that I am writing to you? I do not know; but I have an irrepressible desire to remind you of myself, and you precisely. Many’s the time I have needed all three of you very much, but of all three I could see only you. I need you, I need you very much. I have nothing to write to you about myself, I have nothing to tell you about. That is not what I wanted; I wish terribly much that you should be happy. Are you happy? That is the only thing I wanted to tell you.
Your brother, Pr. L. Myshkin. (Dostoevsky 189). [1]

Myshkin’s note written to Aglaia, one of the Epanchin sisters in which he expresses his humility with nothing to write about himself, reveals a deliberate choice by Dostoevsky to make Myshkin a prince, the protagonist of “The Idiot”. The contradiction of nothingness, emptiness and complete innocence of epileptic prince was intentional. From nothingness of humility rises the prot…